TODAY   |  February 17, 2014

Swimsuit models talk about Sports Illustrated cover

Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge, and Chrissy Teigen, the models who appear on the front of the special 50th anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated, talk about being chosen for the cover and the public’s reaction to their revealing photo.

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>>> of summer if you're tired of all that snow back home.

>> yeah, the " sports illustrated swimsuit" issue hits stands tomorrow. they are with us now from los angeles . ladies, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> oh, not only do you pose in unis unison, you speak in unison. we love it. some people call getting the cover of the swimsuit issue like the oscars of modelling. how excited were you when you found out, chrissy, was this a career maker?

>> just to be in the issue in the first place was kind of just enough for me. but to get the cover. did not think it was going to happen. this is crazy. i'm still in shock from it and this is massive and it's great to share it with you, also. it's really exciting.

>> well, nina or lily, this is the first time i can remember we've had to use one of those we're a little bashful about this ribbons to cover the cover. what do you think of the photograph? do you think it pushes the envelope a little far?

>> that's actually the first time we've seen that cute little bow .

>> that's the best part.

>> makes it look dirtier. what is hidden behind this bow? it's just us.

>> yeah, but i think the cover's so beautiful. i love it's the three of us. i think we look healthy and happy and we're having fun .

>> and it's real. a real moment, we're all smiling and having a good time and they caught that.

>> well, you know, matt was just saying to me he reads it for the articles, but why do you think it's a big deal year after year?

>> well, it's a legendary magazine, and they always bring beautiful women and, you know, it's just about great energy and about embracing the woman body. and it's all about women, i feel. it's special.

>> these women go on to be moguls. they do so much and great work. and magazines on newsstands for half the year. it's a big issue. not just a cover that would be exciting to get, as well. but this issue is out all the time. and it's really iconic magazine. and to be a part of it and be a part of the 50th anniversary .

>> it's huge.

>> that's massive.

>> it's really, really big.

>> amazing.

>> well, big congratulations to all three of you on making the cover and being in the issue in the first place. really appreciate you taking time to talk to us this morning.

>> thank you.

>> all right. and, again, the sports illustrated swimsuit issue comes out tomorrow.