TODAY   |  December 31, 2013

Security steps up in Russia after bombings

As concerns mount after three reported bombings in Volgograd, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered increased security in the country as the start of Olympic Winter Games in Sochi approaches. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports

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>>> they're warning those to be on alert after a series of deadly attacks in russia but the president of the olympic committee is confident that russia will deliver a safe and secure games. jim is in russia . good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. well, no one has claimed responsibility for those blasts. the islamic militants still seem set to carry out the bombings up to and during the winter olympics to start right here in sochi in a little more than a month. a security camera catching the moment the train station in volgograd explodes. just one day before monday's bus explosion. in all, more than 30 killed, 100 wounded and a city of 1 million terrified. russian president vladimir putin who spent a person and staked his personal reputation on the games here ordered a crack down putting troops on the streets of volgograd and beefing up security around the country. the u.s. government responded quickly by offering closer cooperation between the u.s. and russia on security.

>>> our diplomatic security personnel worked with the russia russians for many months on security. we're ready to support in anyway we can to help with the security situation.

>> reporter: investigators believe both bombings and a third attack in october, also on a volgograd bus were inspired by this man. he has ordered his fighters to disrupt the winter games here by killing civilians.

>> there's no doubt in my mind that this is a concerted effort by terror groups to embarrass and disrupt the olympics that are so closely associated with vladimir putin and the russian state .

>> reporter: they hate putin and dream of disrupting the games. which means putin turned this once sleepy seaside down of sochi into a fortress. and despite initial reports that the attack on volgograd 's train station was carried out by a female suicide bomber, police now believe it was a russian male medical student , a graduate that converted to radical islam . matt, back to you.

>> jim, thank you so much.