TODAY   |  December 27, 2013

Grandmother becomes advisor for tech startup

Natalie Yellin, the 75-year-old grandmother of one of the developers of the tech startup Square, has become something of a consultant for the company, helping with everything from hiring new employees to giving out much-needed hugs around the office. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> company created by the founder of twitter. square, best known for the little white box that allows smartphone and tablet users to charge credit cards is one of san francisco 's hottest work for -- tech companies. but one employee is this hipster check. she is 75-year-old known as brian 's grandma. how did she become the honorary granny of square? she was trying to plan a big family trip to the grand canyon but she couldn't reach brian fsh weeks. he just wasn't returning her calls. how do you get ahold of a young techy? well, by twitter of course.

>> i sent a tweet to brian at square. so it went b call me. and one of his coworkers came in on a saturday and copied it and put it in a company e-mail and said brian call your grandmother. and another guy went up to the window pounding on it and said you call your grandma.

>> reporter: suddenly everyone at square was following granny. she was such a celebrity that when she visited she couldn't get two feet without being stopped for a hug.

>> i'm doing good adam.

>> reporter: and she loved it.

>> in my mind i'm 22.

>> reporter: what's more, granny also became something of a consultant testing their new cash by e-mail products and even suggesting new hires like miguel gonzalez .

>> she would tweet me and say you're going to do it. you're going to break into the tech world. she was my biggest promoter by far.

>> reporter: it caught the eye of the wall street journal and lead to a page one profile on her. today she has more than 900 followers on twitter and spends each morning checking in with her new friends.

>> who is that?

>> reporter: this is this wonderful reporter. this beautiful reporter that's very highly intelligent.

>> you must be talking about savannah guthrie .

>> reporter: --

>> no but she follows me.

>> reporter: and on the off chance that brian starts ignoring his calls again --

>> you were outed as a terrible grandson.

>> no, he is a wonderful grandson. just busy.

>> reporter: a company thriving with the