TODAY   |  November 27, 2013

Stay warm but look cool with these 17 fashion items

Style expert and author Lilliana Vazquez shows some great clothes that will keep you warm and make you look cool, including a parka and flannel jeans.

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>> temperatures are dropping and whether you're hitting the slopes or running to your local supermarket everybody wants to stay warm and cozy.

>> with the gear to keep your family nice and toasty is lilliana vazquez, style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to style".

>> good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> what's weird in new york it was 61 this morning, but the temperatures are going to plummet.

>> plummet.

>> and people like to cozy up, don't they?

>> we like a little function with our fashion, so i have to admit i had a little help today. i reached out to my friends at "outside" magazine. we teamed up to show you the best in fashion and function for the cold weather .

>> turn up the heat.

>> she looks all nice and cozy.

>> so i have her in a parka from unique. i think women like to dress fashionably even when it's cold outside. i love this parka. it's very on trend. it has a full zip outlining in fleece. oversized hood. 80 bucks on this coat which is a great deal.

>> wow.

>> i have her in heat tech sweater dress. this turns the moisture in your body into heat so it keeps you really warm but they come in fashionable designs like this. great snake sprint leggings. lined and fleece. warm boots. show off the 180 ear phones she has on now.

>> ear phones?

>> ear muffs that are blue tooth . she can't hear me there. she is. she's got it. how crazy is that. they're ear muffs and keep you warm. very cool.

>> didn't know she had them on.

>> they don't mess up her hair.

>> thank you.

>> bradley is up next.

>> he is.

>> look how cute bradley is.

>> adoreble.

>> in a fantastic squall jacket. this is from two for one. outside you have your down. fully reversible. on the inside it's waterproof and windproof, all layered up. the most important layer from columbia, this metallic reflective layer he has on underneath. tons of tiny dots so literally it reflects the heat back to your body to keep you really warm.

>> you're kidding.

>> technology now.

>> flannel lined jeans, great boots from the north face . this hat is the warmest hat on the market. he's a little toasty right now in the studio. but so fun to add a pop of color to the look.

>> thank you, brad lie. we have mea coming out next. hi, mia.

>> hi, honey.

>> she's adorable of course. she's in this great jacket from eddie bauer in her favorite color purple. this is down, super warm against her body but still roomy enough and lightweight enough i could put a faux fur vest underneath there to keep it fun and playful. i added great leggings from j. crew with glitter. they used to make these just for adults, now they make them for kids.

>> of course they do.

>> jonas arctic. what's in your can teen?

>> hot cocoa. the canteen keeps it warm in the coldest of temperatures.

>> are the boots pricey.

>> $100. but these are the boots you can pass down if you have a younger girl. they are the best boot for little kids on the market.

>> hold up well through the season in the little hat with the pony tail .

>> from peekaboo.

>> i use that as my favorite thing a couple years ago.

>> i certainly did.

>> always ahead of the curve.

>> so trendy.

>> you are trendy.

>> and modest.

>> thank you.

>> and last we have dean coming out.

>> we have dean. he is in a puffy jacket. this is also from eddie bauer . and this is perfect for kids because it has this great technology where the moisture from snow beads right off the jacket. he's all layered up, wearing great jeans. underneath we have the same layers we had on the guys earlier from columbia. eagle boots, great hat from lands end.

>> styling mohawk hat.

>> it's a mohawk hat.

>> get out of town.

>> kids need to have fun with their fashion in the winter.