TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Check out this visual summary of TODAY

Artist Heather Willems, co-founder of “graphic recording” firm ImageThink, presents a visual summary of Friday’s broadcast of TODAY rendered with color markers on a whiteboard, as an example of the possibilities of visual learning.

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>>> orange room and carson --

>> natalie skated right over.

>> i skated over.

>> really quick. i want to introduce you to heather. she is the co-founder and does this incredible -- explain it. this is a visual summary of the newscast today.

>> i listen to what people are saying and summarize it in a visual story.

>> you do it for corporate meetings.

>> all sorts of organizations.

>> we opened up to the remembering jfk. this is the eternal flame .

>> i'm listening for the metaphors that you're all using in your own visual language .

>> what's the larger purpose? what do people get out of a visualization like this?

>> well, it helps folks to communicate visually through visual learning and helps people to focus and engage and revisiting the boards increases your memory intention.

>> it looks like a giant board from something as serious as remembering jfk to the hugh jackman story to santa gone naughty.

>> could you follow me around for the whole day? that would be great.

>> we'll have to schedule that.

>> thank you so much. well done. what's coming up on the 9:00?