TODAY   |  November 22, 2013

Record-breaking rain threatens Thanksgiving travel

A storm during Thanksgiving week may have a major impact on travelers.

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>>> al is following a big storm out west. it could be headed this way.

>> this thing already caused big problems on the west coast . it's going to cause major problems for the southwest and then eventually make its way to the east by next week. let's show you what it's done in southern california as we start off with video to show you. we have this rain, heavier rain now making its way -- it actually caused big problems through san diego , los angeles as well. there was major flooding throughout parts of the southland today as you can see that one car completely submerged. this is going to be a southwest soaker coming on in here. we are looking at a lot of heavy rain . this rain is already, as you can see, getting itself together through the southwest. we could be looking at record breaking rainfall amounts as that low pressure develops, warm, moisture air coming up and into that system. so we're going to see heavy amounts of rain. phoenix could see three to five inches of rain in the next 24 hours . plus ahead of the storm and behind it the cold air filtering in already that lester was talking about could cause up to two feet of snow in the central and southern rockies . that storm makes it's way into the gulf and up the coast and it starts to get involved with colder air so you look at these winds, we're looking at the i-59 corridor, basically rain, but we're also looking at snow back through the mountains. if this storm stays a little closer to the coast, we could have major problems as far as snow is concerned with the east coast getting involved and on thanksgiving day you see these lines, these are basically lines of pressure, that means high winds . we could have problems with the thanksgiving day parade and the balloons coming up on thursday with sustained winds of over 20 miles per hour, guys.