TODAY   |  November 20, 2013

Bobbie’s Buzz: 4 amazing eye shadow secrets

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares some amazing ways to get the perfect line of eye shadow, with new Eye X-Plosivs Stencils, and how to properly use primers.

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>>> thanksgiving is next week.

>> wow!

>> holiday parties begin after that. before you know it, we'll be ringing in the new year. hard to believe.

>> it's time to break out of your regular makeup routine and try something a little new and different.

>> how-to tips for your eyes. "today" style editor and author, bobbie thomas. you want to put these babies on, right?

>> because that's what you do.

>> we get so many questions about how you do your eye makeup, how i do my eye makeup.

>> how mary does her eye makeup.

>> these are go-to guides i picked up. these are ones you can buy to make sure your makeup doesn't get on your cheeks. they're butterfly guards, great for mascara.

>> comfortable until you -- thank you.

>> you don't get mascara and shadow all over your face when you apply.

>> oh, you're not supposed to wear these to the party?

>> no.

>> oh, bummer.

>> i was really excited to find this eye explosive. you can also diy guards before i show you these using post it notes at home. literally, i do this. i always have a post it note in my makeup bag. people think i'm crazy, but it gives me the opportunity to line up where i'm going to put my eye shadow . get these eye explosive stencils and you'll see once you put these on -- they're a little sticky but they're almost not because i used them already this morning. you simply shade in. for people who are sort of afraid of the shape and how to put it on, they are kind of amazing. because after, all you have to do is take the guide and blend it in. this saves you so much time and even -- i do my makeup all the time. you've got sort of an instant smoky eye.

>> look how good that looks.

>> in seconds. we can do the other.

>> that looks good.

>> again, whether you want to buy these to boost your confidence or not.

>> and then you'll know how to do it.

>> it's really easy. another big thing you should know, you should prime your eye. i happen to use bare minerals concealer on the lid. this helps to give it primer so you avoid creasing. i like bare minerals because you get bang for your buck but clinique and too faced are great products, too. your eye shadow will fade by lunch otherwise. this is really cool. i want to talk about eye shape. when it comes to shadow, it's supposed to flatter and frame your face.

>> right.

>> take a look at what i have here. this looks like three sets of eyes that are balanced, right?

>> right.

>> now take a look. if i reveal the line, you'll see that actually the bottom two, one is close set and one is wide set. what i did is i wanted to show you how you should shadow your eyes based on where they're placed. you want the shadow to help you create the illusion that your eyes are sort of pulling in more versus what you want if you're close set. we want to help to lift our face and cheek bones and extending up, which will give you sort of that face lift . the idea of sort of extending on the outside your shadow, it's about pulling it out here so that you can contour your face. it's a really simple thing. go on our website to find them. last, but not least, when it comes to applying shadow, the best tip ever, wet/dry urban decay , all you do is apply a little water to eye shadows that are baked for a wet/dry look. add them like a liner. it's a fast sort of pro secret. and then just blend in. these are double-ended brushes here. you'll get more bang for your buck . you can use the dry on the other side of the palette to blend it in.

>> i wish i had bobbie's eyes.

>> i know.

>> this is really easy. everything is on our website. and i'll answer questions.

>> thank you, sweetheart.

>>> someone we're keeping our eye on, trace adkins is singing a christmas carol for us. the.