Image: Genevieve Sabourin, the woman accused of stalking actor Alec Baldwin speaks to the media during a break in her trial at Manhattan Criminal court in New York
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Trial of alleged Alec Baldwin stalker continues

The trial Genevieve Sabourin, accused of stalking actor and MSNBC talk show host Alec Baldwin, is set to continue on Wednesday after a tense day in the courtroom Tuesday.

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>> the trial against alec baldwin 's stalker is underway. it's off to an explosive start.

>> alec baldwin outside court amid the crush of reporters he often faces on new york city streets. although the cameras couldn't follow him inside, the drama did. baldwin told the court he felt extremely, extremely threatened by his accused stalker. even tearing up saying i wanted her to leave me alone . in e-mails released as evidence, the french canadian actress seemed to grow increasingly threatening. i want to be your wife now. say yes. call the fbi and tell them that by tomorrow i'll be in front of the building i'll buy expensive tickets actual events, evenings, galas where you will be. go ahead and throw me to jail.

>> i told alec you're a liar.

>> after the judge threatened to hold her into contempt for repeatedly interrupted baldwin 's testimony she pleaded her case to reporters.

>> it's not like you're saying. the judge gave me the power to ask, but the thing is its outrageous that he said we didn't have any romance.

>> her claim was backed up by baldwin 's long time friend hollywood movie producer.

>> in the boat coming over.

>> reporter: according to the new york daily news t scarface producer said baldwin was involved with her at the same time he was dating his wife hilaria. marty told me and told me he needed my help. he was ending his relationship with her. baldwin 's wife took the stand saying he sent her threatening messages on twitter and that she had never been so afraid in her entire life after she showed up at their home unannounced last year. now she is to take the stand later today. she is charged with 23 counts of harassment and tastalking. while she maintains they had an on going relationship, baldwin says they went to dinner once. now she is saying she is trying to get closure.

>> thank you very much.

>> criminal trial is not really the best way to get closure.

>> yeah, reminds me of that fatal attraction movie.

>> not going to be ignored.

>> no.