TODAY   |  November 07, 2013

‘Twilight’ star Peter Facinelli marks films’ 5th anniversary

The actor who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the “Twilight” films joins Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about the franchise’s fifth anniversary, and expresses appreciation for all the Twihards who continue to support the movies.

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>>> individualized grass grow under his feet. the 39 year old can be found in two hit tv shows. he is writing a novel and producing a tv series and a movie.

>> one of his most famous roles is a compassionate vegetarian among vampires. fans can get all five films in a new dvd, "twilight" the complete saga.

>> he had to run about ten blocks.

>> they are like your hair looks break.

>> it is wind blown from running.

>> five years, you had no idea, did you? you knew the books were hugely successful.

>> when we did the first film it wasn't huge. there was a cult following. we were thinking if we get the numbers maybe we could do a second movie. we had no idea it would grow to this. the fans have been so supportive.

>> what do you think about the fans?

>> they are amazing. you get to know a lot of them through the years because they show up at the events over and over and kids who were like 2 are now 7 and you recognize them.

>> you kind of made news the other day through the actress that you are dating. jamie alexander was on the red carpet . we saw her photo. she was wearing kind of a revealing dress.

>> she looks stunning.

>> what did you think about the buzz that this dress created?

>> i don't know. it is a dress.

>> i don't think it is the dress so much getting the attention.

>> it is elegant and beautiful and she wears it well. if she is getting attention for it that is good.

>> long or short hair?

>> stunning with either.

>> in general?

>> i'm more of a personality person. i don't notice when you get the hair cut because i am so in love with the person.

>> i got one once and frank said hi, butch. he noticed.

>> you like shorter or longer?

>> whatever looks best.

>> i like your hair right now.

>> it is working for me, baby.

>> you are working on "nurse jackie."

>> and i am working on "glee" and a movie in louisiana called "the last word." it is a true story about a man wrongfully convicted of murdering and raping a nun on halloween night. on his death bed he cursed people and he was never exonerated even though they found evidence which proved he might not have done it.

>> take a deep breath.

>> it is better from here on out.