TODAY   |  October 29, 2013

10 healthy, delicious supermarket foods

Registered dietician and Women’s Health contributor Keri Glassman shares 10 delicious and healthy foods you can feel good about feeding the entire family, from unsweetened almond milk to maple pumpkin seed bars.

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>>> whether you're a busy stay at home parent or at the office all day you find yourself without time to cook a healthy meal.

>> so women's health put together a list of super market stars to help you out. carrie is a contributor to the magazine. how did you choose these? what were the criteria.

>> we all know that real food is best but we all rely on package foods to some extent. myself included. so a team of experts scoured the aisles because they're busting at the seams.

>> as we see behind us.

>> so we chose the top products taking into consideration taste and convenience.

>> still early. breakfast time for people. let's get started with the am kick starters. you pick your best cereals and the things you should reach for.

>> here we have a cereal. it satisfies that crunch and sweet craving. if you want that in the morning, nine grams of fiber, 11 grams of protein. will help keep you full and satisfied.

>> when do i get to do the conveyier belt?

>> we'll start packaging up the groceries here. my house is never without almond milk . some people think it doesn't have as much calcium as cows milk but it has more and no sugar.

>> why would you choose almond instead of cows milk.

>> many people have intolerances or allergies and also somebody that's vegan.

>> speaking of yogurt. greek yogurt . we're getting a lot of protein here. we have nuts on the side for a little more healthy fat and fiber. kind of the typical go on on the go breakfast.

>> i had one of these this morning in fact. these kind bars.

>> well, bars are the ultimate convenience food . keep them everywhere, your bag, your desk drawer.

>> and these, these almonds are -- if you need a little pick me up in the afternoon, this has a half of a serving of an expresso shot.

>> a little caffeine with that.

>> and then tuna, getting protein in tuna. you can throw some tuna on and also omega 3s. so this comes in a pouch so you don't need the can opener.

>> if you're the type of person that makes pasta for a family of 12 and you're one person you probably shouldn't be doing that. this may help you out. you may just think you're at the restaurant when you make this. butternut squash in here and pumpkin and apple and it's portion controlled.

>> you really want to read the labels with these because sometimes the sodium is pretty --

>> yeah. read the labels. real food always first. these are options when you can't go for the real food.

>> that sounds good.

>> whole grain, lean protein and vitamin a in here and kale in here.

>> everybody is into kale these days?

>> and a vegetarian frozen meal option. also organic ingredients.

>> as we go to break i'll have a bite of this, what is this? skinny cow .

>> this is all about portion control . if you're the type of person that eats ice cream and has to hit the bottom of the container until you're done, that's might