TODAY   |  September 04, 2013

Valerie Bertinelli: ‘Hot in Cleveland’ a party

Valerie Bertinelli, one of the stars of sitcom “Hot in Cleveland,” talks about her character supposedly fulfilling her quest for love, preparations for the next season, and the reunion of “Mary Tyler Moore Show” cast members on the show.

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>>> valerie bertinelli . the season finale of hot in cleveland is tonight and her character melanie lands what she thinks is her dream date.

>> a plastic surge i don't knon is your dream date.

>> what? don't be silly. he's just my date. i have no interest in any new procedures or fillers or cutting edge sculpting and lifting technique haas could make me look five to seven years younger with minimum recovery time.

>> i'm happy for her. she lands the man with great hands.

>> you'll find out what happens later on that night.

>> it doesn't workout?

>> it doesn't quite work out.

>> we have the season finale tonight. it's a double episode. we'll talk about it in a moment. overall, do you feel like the show is still evolving or are you in your rhythm and it's one continuous party? because that's how it seems?

>> it is one continuous party. we go back to work in two weeks for the fifth season. i can't wait. we're all going to get together next week and have dinner before we go back to work.

>> there's two shows and one of them is the mary tyler moore cast reunion. tell me about that day on set. were you in awe?

>> absolutely. no one went back to the dressing rooms. we were all in the audience and watching and had our camera phones out filming everything. it was spectacular.

>> we actually have a clip. this is when valerie harper and mary tyler moore make up in a little feud they have been having.

>> i showed up tonight hoping we could let by gones be by gones. also hoping that you had gotten fat.

>> well, i didn't get fat. and i didn't do a lot of the things that you blame me for.

>> you stole my boyfriend, diane.

>> he chased me.

>> you didn't have to let him catch you.

>> it's so great and what your show has in common with that show is the cast just seems to click and have this chemistry.

>> and, you know what, i don't know how long it can been, like 30 years since they all worked together but it was like no time went by whatsoever. they fell into these grooves and patterns and it was a dream to watch.

>> we have been watching closely valley harper. i interviewed her in the spring. her doctor thinks she maybe in remission. how did she seem to you?

>> valley always had this amazing attitude about living every day as it comes and living each moment and she is living proof that when you put joy and when you choose happy into your life, you can just keep stepping through and it doesn't matter what's ahead. just live right now.

>> she is inspiring.

>> she is amazing.

>> on another subject, jenny craig announced it's no longer going to use celebrities for the weight loss programs. you're still an ambassador for them?

>> i am.

>> what do you think.

>> how many times can i do a commercial that says i've lost weight? anything new that can bring people into this program is good for them and good for people that need to lose a few pounds.

>> i was asked if you have time off this summer?

>> no.

>> just work and the fifth season starts shooting when?

>> in two weeks. i'm excited about going back.

>> did you do anything fun?

>> i'm going to cleveland tomorrow to go see a football game .

>> that's great. the summer is not quite over. it's such a pleasure to see you. i want to remind everybody tonight is the season finale of hot in cleveland . great to see you. thank you. coming up, we're going to get a peak inside tom brady and giselle's california oasis. but first your local news