TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Steals and Deals: Necklaces, clutches and more

TODAY contributor Jill Martin has stylish products at incredibly discounted prices, like clutches and an iHome portable stereo system.

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>>> back now with a new edition of jill's steals and deals. this is exclusive deals for our "today" show viewers. "today" show contributor, contributing editor to "people" style watch. very popular.

>> go on to right now. we'll link you to the retailer's website. nothing here is waterproof. we'll get through everything and test it out today.

>> let's start here with these school supply. tem tell us about this.

>> retail, $43. three different themes. race car, fiesta and taffy. you see you get highlighters, rulers, erasers, scissors. go online. it'll point everything out there. $43 is the retail. the deal is $12.90. that's 70% off.

>> that's great. perfect time for this steal.

>> perfect time for this steal. during the break i put this in my hair.

>> is it holding up?

>> it looks good.

>> hair by moses frizz control kit. retail $150. perfect for everyone here today. i'll pass some along. their motto is leave your hair healthy, smooth and virtually frizz free. it's a four-piece kit. you get the smoothing elixir oil. celeb fans include stacy keibler . $150. $45. 70% off.

>> next beautiful necklaces. always popular on steals and deals.

>> nikki baker color pop necklace. tear drop pendants on an 18 karat gold plated or sterling silver chain. seven different stones to choose from. retail, $155. deal, $46.50. that's 70% off. it's one of our producer's, kate cook's birthday. if you're watching, she wants one of these.

>> what color, kate?

>> great handbags. these seem like they could be day tonight.

>> love the name of these. below the belt foldover clutch. we won't go there. two styles. the one in the front, narrow zip foldover. the one in the back is wider. as the name says, it folds over. stores like calypso, big celeb following including katy perry . retails, $287. deal, $59.99. 80% off.

>> now electronics. tell us about these.

>> these are not waterproof as you see here. look how amazing -- oh. little action over here. ihome dual charging portable stereo system. retail is $99.99. it can charge your iphone, ipad, ipod. the deal, $34.99. that's 65% off. and it's great for travel. you can even use it with batteries.

>> great. let's run through the deals one more time. the school supplies, we also have the hair care products. we've got the necklaces, the bags and, of course, these ipod speakers. all online right now. go to jill martin, thank you so much.