TODAY   |  August 21, 2013

Inflatable floating hotel room costs $50K

What looks like a van with a bouncy house on top is actually a single-occupancy hotel room in Denver with a price tag of $50,000 a night. NBC’s Luke Russert reports.

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>> denver is one of the finest cities in america, great to visit, but how much would you pay for a one night stay there? we go inside a very unique place with a very large price tag.

>> reporter: imagine spending $50,000 for a night in a hotel.

>> $50,000 a night would turn me off. $50 a night, i'm entertained.

>> reporter: in denver, that's the price tag for an inflatable hotel room 20 feet in the air over a parking lot . enough to buy a new mercedes benz , a year of college tuition or groceries for the average family.

>> i wouldn't pay $50,000 for that.

>> it's called the hotel rehearsal. a pronlt for a local arts festival .

>> it's significant. it's inflated to you see air compressors and eating and cooling. there's a full working bathroom, a sofa and a bed.

>> a working bathroom with a working shower.

>> i'm 6'2" and i fit in here comfortably. bathroom is a little bit small but the shower i would gladly take, especially 20 something feet above the ground.

>> reporter: the 5 by 7 hotel room is small but the large price tag is also a donation to the arts.

>> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that we're trying to promote here. it's not every day you can spend a night in a hotel room like this. you are supporting the arts. you are able to spend a night in this incredibly school structure.

>> reporter: with a clear plastic roof the room comes with an amazing roof. it also includes tiffany earrings and party for your friends and i pods.

>> would you pay $50,000 for that.

>> it comes with tiffany earrings.

>> it does?

>> yeah.

>> no.

>> reporter: the project is the brain child of the architect that wants people to think.

>> architecture can be mobile, that goes up and down and vertically. architecture is performed as well as built. it's a parking lot until you use it as a hotel and if you use it as a hotel enough times then that's a hotel.

>> reporter: for $50,000, art is truly in the eye of the beholder . for today, nbc news, los angeles .

>> by the way, the hotel rehearsal will be in place until september 2nd . would you