TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

Proposal planners help men pop the question

It’s the moment many women dream about, and to get it just right, men are spending big bucks to hire wedding-proposal planners. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports on a business that’s booming all over the country.

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>>> proposal is one of the special moments in life and now there's a new industry gaining popularity to make sure it is done just right for a price. here is gabe gutierrez .

>> reporter: it's the moment many women dream about.

>> will you marry me.

>> will you marry me?

>> will you marry me?

>> you wouldn't mind marrying me very much?

>> yes.

>> reporter: the wedding proposal. to get it just right many men are spending big bucks to hire proposal planners. it's a business booming all over the country. she is the founder of the yes girls. her company planned 250 wedding proposals.

>> how much of a hopeless romantic are you.

>> a pretty big one.

>> you turned it into a career.

>> yeah. exactly. i like love. i love love .

>> reporter: she's not alone. other consul tanlts from los angeles , chicago, to atlanta and new york are focussing on the market.

>> you're used to the classic bended knee proposal at dinner. now that we have access to youtube and we're on facebook and seeing how everyone else is getting elaborately proposed to we want it too and now you have a lot of companies popping up and saying that's what we specialize in. so it's an interesting trend.

>> reporter: air force veteran tim dorcet hired them to help plan his proposal to his girlfriend.

>> first her prom date, her proposal and marriage. those are the three things most important to them and i wanted to make it special.

>> reporter: over the course of four hours they constructed a magic set on the balcony in san francisco revolving around the theme you are my everything. complete with an 8 piece band, sonia 's name in lights and other surprises.

>> so heather what are some of the details you planned here.

>> so obviously we have sonia 's name lit up in lights. she is getting a taste of san francisco . all of her family and friends wrote different quotes and stamp of approval.

>> could he have come up with all of this on his own.

>> probably not.

>> so with the details done, tim in position and our camera hidden away, it's finally time to pop the question.

>> sonia thought she was meeting tim for dinner but she quickly realized that the hotel worker is not leading her to a restaurant. she is lead to a love seat and wonders what's next.

>> that's when tim reveals his secret.

>> this man of few words lets his actions do the talking ending on a simple message.

>> will you marry me?

>> yes.

>> a moment to remember for a couple so adorably nervous they put the ring on the wrong hand and then one more surprise.

>> i'm gabe gutierrez with the "today" show.

>> oh.

>> reporter: aproposal planned by professionals for national television. was it worth it.

>> was this anything like you drempt your proposal would be?

>> no, it's better.

>> mission accomplished. the only problem, he set a really high bar for that first wedding anniversary . for today, gabe gutierrez , nbc news san francisco .

>> that sunset cost extra. their average client spends about $2,500. the basic package is $199. venues, sunsets, all extra.

>> what if they say no.

>> no, they're called the yes girls. they guarantee it.

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