TODAY   |  June 07, 2013

Try challah french toast with whiskey sauce

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at making a delicious Sunday brunch, try chef Laurent Tourondel’s recipe for challah french toast with gingerbread spices and a whiskey caramel sauce.

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>> especially when there's a little whiskey and bourbon involved. acclaimed chef and partner of new york city 's arlington club lawrence has some good ideas.

>> good morning, nice to see.

>> a little french toast ?

>> french toast .

>> with the authentic french way?

>> not too sure. we have some spices so we're going to do the batter.

>> what are in the spices? cinnamon, nutmeg.

>> ginger, whole spice.

>> the whole spice rack just about.

>> we'll do the batter, some of the rub, the eggs, orange zest .

>> custard.

>> sugar. here we go. a little milk. and cream.

>> this is very low fat.

>> very.

>> do we add the spices?

>> we add the spices, yep.

>> you're using hala. hala!

>> we're going to soak them inside.

>> let it soak a long time?

>> five, six minutes.

>> so it gets really wet.

>> now we have a hot pan on the stove which i'll warm up in there.

>> plain butterscotch?

>> plain butterscotch. we have the pan for the toast.

>> right.

>> i'm going to melt a little bit of butter. maybe a little bit too much.

>> i was going to say that's a little bit of butter.

>> how hot do you want your pan?

>> pretty hot especially at the beginning we'll lower it down a little bit after.

>> because you want to get a good sear on the toast?

>> yes.

>> you want to get it crunchy.

>> i'm going to put a mix of spice and sugar, so it will caramelize in the pan.

>> a secret, nice trick. let's pretend that's been soaking a little bit longer.

>> all right.

>> there we go.

>> do you that how long on each side roughly?

>> probably three minutes because the egg has to cook inside so here i have my butterscotch sauce, i'll put some banana slice inside.

>> you got some shelf pecans.

>> fresh.

>> that i mashed myself, spent all morning doing that, al.

>> you're going to cook this down so it gets thicker?

>> i'm going to cook it down a little bit and then cook the banana and when they are cooked, i'm going to throw this on here.

>> what do you serve this with here on the side?

>> this is the monkey bread .

>> the monkey bread .

>> sounds good.

>> made with orange and butter.

>> any dad would be lucky to get this for father's day.

>> this is the popova stuffed with creamed spinach, crispy short ribs, poached eggs and mushroom.