TODAY   |  May 30, 2013

Melt away your belly fat before hitting the beach

Dietician Keri Glassman shares some gadgets and goodies to help get your middle bikini-ready for summer, including shoes that reportedly help you burn an extra 30 to 40 calories on your run, and wine glasses and snack bowls that help you (tastefully) keep track of your portion sizes.

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>>> don't give up on that bikini, ladies, we all have our problem areas. but for a lot of us, getting rid of that stubborn little pudge of fat around the stomach seems impossible. especially if you've been through menopause.

>> apparently it's not. but we'll find out. healthy and lifestyle expert dietician has some gadget and goodies to help you feel the burn and tighten the jiggle in the middle.

>> nice to see you.

>> that area is most people's trouble area. and they say it's hard to spot reduce.

>> it is hard to spot reduce. but believe it or not, losing weight in your midsection can be one of the easiest places, if of course you focus on your food and also you focus on exercises that are going to burn a lot of calories and also focus on strengthening the core. so that strengthening the core.

>> what should we do, carrie?

>> i wonder.

>> look here --

>> we've got sara in these kango jump rebounding shoes. look how awesome she looks, they were originally created to reduce stress on the joints. but actually you're going to burn up two times the amount of calories with 80% less impact. so they're good also for people who that have had injuries.

>> can you get injured by them as well?

>> actually they're really pretty safe.

>> i've never done them until today. the boot is really secure.

>> and for bounce and posture, was wearing them around the office. even just walking around, you can feel yourself holding your core in. you focus on that.

>> are they pricey?

>> they're about 250. they last a long time. and can you wear them indoors, outdoors and exercise classes.

>> the hula hoop .

>> the hula hoop .

>> who doesn't like hula hooping. this hula hoop is really cool.

>> it's padded. and also it's two and a half pounds. so you have to, you know you really are working a little bit more.

>> that's awesome. i love it it's also good because it --

>> we're going to knock over the kangaroos.

>> they're fine, they're fine.

>> and can you do this while you're watching tv , talking.

>> you can do this. good job. good job.

>> and i'll go over it with you.

>> i love this.

>> so these are jump ropes, these are so super fun. because so jumping rope , you burn so many calories, up to 600 calories in an hour. you can do it while you're watching tv , watching your kids play sports.

>> you don't have to move.

>> this is easy.

>> it also tells you how many jumps you've done and how many kalgryes you've burned.

>> calories you've burned.

>> i was burning some calories.

>> why is there wine here? what do this have to do with your belly fat .

>> can you even have wine when you're trying to lose weight even when i'm in the midsection. i figured you ladies would be happy to hear that. but these wine track wine glasses are good for people who may just have a heavy hand. they'll tell you four ounces, six ounces and eight ounces.

>> and vase --

>> it is good with the portion control . and the snack bowls have a similar concept, with the portion control . it's about what you're eating and how much you're eating.

>> please tell me these are good for burning middle fat. because i want them right now.

>> you need about 30% of your calories to come from fat. i love avocados, they're loaded with the monosaturated fatty acids.

>> and grapefruit is good for you?

>> one study shows eating half a grapefruit before every meal helps people lose 3.6 pounds over the course of 12 weeks.

>> even if there's an magical compound in grapefruits, fruits and vegetables in general are loaded with water volume and fiber.

>> they'll keep you full. so add those fruits and vegetables to your meals. we know that people who eat them lose weight .

>> and also your digestive system keeps moving.

>> capsaicin, found in chili peppers , may help us feel less hungry and studies are still going on showing or looking at the metabolism-boosting effect.