TODAY   |  May 25, 2013

Oklahoma tornado 911 calls offer glimpse into chaos

The calls from Moore, Oklahoma, offer a glimpse of the experiences of the tornado victims in the minutes after the storm struck. “We’ve got a daycare full of babies,” one caller said. “We got a daycare that just got cremated.” NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> in the wake of monday's massive tornado in moore , oklahoma. ron mott is in moore , oklahoma, to tell us more about it. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. it's day five now of this recovery and cleanup effort. a long week for a lot of folks here in moore . it's also memorial holiday weekend. bittersweet here because funerals will continue for 24 people lost on monday. it's also graduation day . three high schools in moore will hold back to back commencement exercises and give the community a chance to rally together for a few hours. we're now hearing the 911 calls that poured into emergency centers on monday afternoon. one from a day care center not far from here. take a listen.

>> we got a day care full of babies. we need help bad. we need help bad. we got a day care that just got cremated.

>> where are you at?

>> what's the address? we got tons of babies in here.

>> we'll get somebody out there.

>> all right. we need help bad.

>> reporter: you can hear the terror in that phone call . 15 children made it out unharmed. there are a lot of frayed nerves on this saturday morning as people continue to absorb what they went through, lester.

>> ron mott, thanks very much.