TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Military dad thrilled over daughter’s Google doodle

Eighteen-year-old Sabrina Brady won the Doodle 4 Google contest with a touching and heartfelt drawing showing her dad, Army veteran Bryce Brady, coming home. Brady tells Kathie Lee and Hoda he was “shocked” that Sabrina’s drawing was picked from more than 100,000 entries, but says she is a talented artist.

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>>> every year google invites kids through kindergarten through high school to show off their artistry in contest called doodle for google . the winner gets inpressive prizes including getting to see their winning illustration on google 's home page .

>> the theme this year was my best day ever . out of 130,000 submissions this one won. by 18-year-old sabrina brady of sparta, wisconsin. welcoming someone home. it's just beautiful.

>> sabrina is here with google technologist, daniel seaberg.

>> congratulations to you. sabrina . she'll graduate from high school tomorrow.

>> of course you will. what did you think when you got the call out of all of those doodles, yours is the one that was chosen.

>> it was very shocking. i didn't think i would make it to the top 250. now i'm the winner.

>> it's a little surreal.

>> it's very personal. obviously. this was ten years ago, your dad was in the military and you were just, you were how old were you -- ?

>> i was ten.

>> eight years ago. so it really obviously meant so much to you when he was sent off.

>> where was he serving at the time, sweetie?

>> iraq. he was gone in a psychology kind of sense in my critical point when every little girl has their daddy moment i kind of lost him in the middle of mine. so it was definitely i missed him, yeah.

>> daniel how was it selecting? was this an easy one for you to pick?

>> i think the judges would agree it's a tough competition to judge at any point. you have 130,000 entries from across the country.

>> they must be brilliant.

>> i look at creativity, artistry and how well it ties into the theme and the theme was the best day ever . so i think with what you see with sabrina 's is you see this emotional connection to people. as soon as you see it, you can feel it i'm a father of a daughter as well and i think that it's a pretty special story.

>> your dad just happens to be with us on google plus, it's i think we have him, do we have him? do we have him?

>> there he is.

>> what did you think when you found out your little girl won this?

>> i couldn't believe it. i was, i was shocked. it was unbelievable. just -- speechless.

>> you knew shoe had artistic talent. i'm sure she painted all over your house and on walls and everywhere when she was a little girl ?

>> yes. she's a very, very talented artist. and i knew she had talent. with the whole family does. i mean she's going to art school and everything for college. but it's still, it was a wonderful surprise.

>> well we wish you the best of luck in art school . dad, congratulations and thanks to the folks at google .

>> i think there's a lovely prize she won, isn't there?

>> $30,000 for college scholarship . the school gets $50,000 tech grant and then of course it's on the home page for hundreds of millions of people to see.

>> congratulations to you and for google for putting this on,