TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Desiree Rogers: Chicago is ‘a treasure’

The former White House social secretary, recently named chairman of Choose Chicago, talks about what makes the Windy City a special place, calling it “a world-class city” with “Midwest sensibilities.”

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>> i don't, i don't.

>> you are a very, very busy woman, as head of the johnson publishing family.

>> ceo of ebony.

>> how important is it to add this to your plate?

>> i've been here almost 28 years and chicago is home to me. and it is a city that is a world-class city, but really with midwest sensibilities. and the people are so friendly, they're so homey, they're so real. and the architecture here, i don't know if you guys have had a chance to see some of the architecture, buckingham fountain , just makes of old and new. it's a fabulous city.

>> the beam is fabulous.

>> too bad the weather is not any better, because you've got a beach right here, right on lake michigan . some people don't realize this is a city right on lake michigan .

>> i understand you really want to bring foreigners to the city of chicago . you want to get to the 50 million number that the mayor --

>> the mayor really wants to see us get to that 50 million. and we think we've got to get out there. this is a jewel, a treasure, but maybe people don't know about it. they pass through o'hare, but haven't made the time to stop and spend time in the city. we really think about telling them about the city, having them know how great even the neighborhoods are. chicago is a eclectic mix of all of these neighborhoods, whether it's the south side , the university of chicago , northwestern. i mean, we've got it all. we've got all the teams, all the food.

>> it's a great town.

>> you've been here 28 years, and the obama administration has deep ties. the president himself, of course. rahmaxelrod. does that help this city to have it in the spotlight all these years?

>> yeah, with mayor emanuel, we have nato that was recently here, and with the sitting president being from the city, everyone has been focused or interested in chicago . and people want to see, where did the president come from? where did they live? people are tracing off to hyde park to see the university of chicago and to see that part of the city. so i think it really is our opportunity to really take that showcasing of the city and really have people really understand how great and wonderful this city is. i hope you guys get some hot dogs .

>> i was going to say, if you had to narrow it down, what is a must --

>> got to have --

>> within four hours.

>> i think you've got to get a hot dog .

>> we've got beers over here.

>> and popcorn.

>> maybe a steak.

>> ewe're going to eat it all. desiree rogers, thank you so much.

>> welcome to chicago .