TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

How to remove permanent marker ink from walls

Lou Manfredini, the host of “House Smarts,” explains the easiest way to take permanent marker stains off walld and how to replace a ripped window screen.

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>>> we are back in time to ask lou. we get the answers to your questions about the pesky problems around the house. you just can't handle yourself.

>> "today" contributor and host of the syndicated show "house smarts" lou manfredini.

>> we love him.

>> the handyman with the plan. let's got some questions for you. the first is how do i replace a screen in a window that got ripped?

>> this is simple stuff. hardware stores fix this all the time. it's not that expensive, but you can do it yourself. you have a cut like this. this is spline, you pull this out of the track. the fabric comes out and you can pull the screen completely out. pull, pull. now once we do that. very nice.

>> there's something satisfying about that.

>> this is fiberglass screen, the easiest to use, other than aluminium. you take new spline. this is a spline tool. i want you to put that in there, now go along, go right there and push. and now you go all the way around this as i'm getting the camera.

>> all the way in. all the way around.

>> you're getting in my finger into the little indentation.

>> you go all the way around the primmer. take a utility glass and cut it off.

>> this is pennies.

>> cheap.

>> stop it.

>> let's hear jessica's question is she has a question about her toilet tank.

>> who doesn't. what can you do to make a toilet tank stop sweating?

>> you neat an anti-sweat toilet kit.

>> it needs deodorant.

>> it's just styrofoam. you can buy the kit for $20 at the hardware store or go to a craft store and buy styrofoam like this you squirt a little silicone caulking. with the water turned off to the toilet and this completely dry, you take these styrofoam pads and a little caulking on the inside. and put it in the pad and line it. the cold water in the tank against the humid air outside, if you don't have air conditioning is where the condensation comes from. if you temper the china from the tank, it doesn't sweat.

>> how often do you have to change that.

>> you don't have to change it, ever.

>> kids have written on the wall with permanent marker . what should she do?

>> get new kids.

>> they call it permanent, because it is permanent. you have to use a stain-killing primer like this bull's eye here. one of the best, by bin. it's kind of stinky, you'll do the primer. prime it over the top and you have to repaint it. then if they still like to write on the walls. this dry eraser paint from rust oleum is awesome. can you paint an entire wall and they can take the dry erase and go all over and you wipe it away.

>> can you do it in your office.

>> we don't write on our walls.

>> here's a final question from blimi.

>> that is her name.

>> i have a weird name, too, blimi, don't worry.

>> a drawer in my bathroom broke. i can't screw it back in since the holes are too big already what can i do? i'm getting me very nervous.

>> it's stripped, wider. can you hold that up for me, ladies?

>> with the holes that are too big, the screws don't work. you can use a wood putty or epoxy to fill in the holes. or the trick is you take toothpicks like this. you cut them so they're flat. you take a little wood glue in the hole and take the flattened toothpicks and jam them in the hole. you jam them in so they're nice and tight. once the glue drys, you cut it, put the frame back on and screw it in. and you're done.