TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

$338 million Powerball ticket sold in New Jersey

NBC’s Ron Allen reports from a convenience store in Bordentown, N.J., which was rumored to have sold the winning $338 million lottery ticket. Lottery officials have now confirmed that the winning ticket was sold in the New Jersey town of Passaic.

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>> lots of attention on new jersey, where yes one winning ticket was sold in the fourth biggest powerball jackpot ever, worth more than $338 million. ron allen is in bordertown, new jersey. lots of excitement to say the least.

>> reporter: lots of excitement all over new jersey. it's been a long time since there's been a big jackpot, $338 million, $221 million if you take a lump sum. we're at a truck stop at love's. they may have sold the winning ticket here. trucker called said he had the winning ticket trying to talk to some of the employees to see how he could cash it in. if they did sell the ticket they get $10,000 as a bonus. we'll find 10:00 a.m . eastern where the ticket was sold from the new jersey lottery commission and it could be several days before we find out who that person or who those people are who bought the ticket. in new jersey you have to reveal some public information but that could take a few days so again we're on the hunt, we're on the watch, $338 million, a lot of money, tamron, it's a great time to call some good friends in new jersey, just in case.

>> ron, thank you very much.