TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Martha Stewart shows best way to load laundry

Who better to get our whites their whitest and brights their brightest than Martha Stewart? She demonstrates the best way to load your washing machine, as well as how to deal with stains.

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>>> doing it right today and this morning's task your dirty laundry .

>> martha stewart is here to get your whites their whitest and bright their brightest.

>> don't air your dirty laundry . i hope you both have laundry rooms.

>> we live in new york city apartments.

>> you can make a hole, nice to have a setup where your ironing boards are set out, this is for sleeves, shirts, a nice rack or drying your delicates.

>> i had no idea this existed.

>> these are available you can buy this little setup, you can find a little hall.

>> i'm not great at sorting.

>> you're not. do you do your laundry or somebody do it for you?

>> sometimes i do it and sometimes someone does it.

>> i have little laminated cards, cold water wash, hot water wash, delicate hand wash, good to have.

>> so you sort by the wash, not by the colors.

>> oh, no, color, too. whites go in one.

>> the yellows in with the whites.

>> oh, i wouldn't. yellows are color.

>> yes, color.

>> that can go there.

>> heavy soil and delicates.

>> what about light pink?

>> you could do that, yes, i think that's good. so you get the idea and things are like fleecy, those should be washed separately in the cold water wash. cold water is good and short washes are better than long washes.

>> why is that?

>> it ruins your clothes, over and over again with the long wash.

>> the darks?

>> that's good.

>> okay.

>> if anything has a ring around the collar do a prewash spray.

>> tights.

>> my niece's. these are stains. here's ketchup stain. what would you do with that ketchup stain?

>> throw it out?

>> i would take --

>> it's a nice t-shirt. scrape off the ketchup.

>> i'd call my mom, to be honest.

>> scrape and then i would rinse it in a little bit of water, get it wet and then use dishwasher detergent works really well.

>> really?

>> leave it in here?

>> spray that on.

>> you do get it wet first.

>> and then run that through -- it's not open, sorry. try that. put that in there and scrub-a-dub-dub, and if it's a little resistant.

>> you can work that in.

>> you can add a bit of vinegar, here is a little vinegar.

>> is this a catch-all treatment for all stains?

>> no. we have a stain removal kit g to the martha stewart stain removal kit, i'm going to give you one.

>> believe me, i need it.

>> it's nice to have a kit like this in your laundry room .

>> very cute, very martha.

>> the washing machines , look at how great these are. do you know how to use your washing machine ?

>> i think.

>> read your instructions, that's one thing people forget to read the instruction book or get a lesson.

>> i just do regular wash.

>> do you use one of these?

>> no.

>> these are great because you don't have to hand wash, these are great for your delicates, little undies and bras and body suits and any stockings. you can put them in these bags. i just did this this morning. i got home from a trip and did all of my laundry this morning before i --

>> came here, just researching for the segment.

>> no, but this is a natural thing, you get natural at it, it makes it much easier so these are great and you can divide them up, that's your little nightgown and you use the right detergent, unscented.

>> oh i like scented.

>> you do?

>> i could get into a big argument about this.

>> let's talk later. i learned