TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Victor Garber talks mysterious role on ‘Deception’

The six-time Emmy-nominated actor chats about starring in the new NBC drama “Deception,” on which he says, “no one is who they seem to be,” and talks about working with Ben Affleck on the Golden Globe-winning film “Argo.”

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>> a memorable role in a golden globe winning movie " argo ." the whole cast is up for a screen actor's guild award this weekend.

>> i know. i'm flying back out there tomorrow, on the red eye .

>> good times. ben affleck directs. you starred with his wife for many years.

>> it's increstuous. it's paid off.

>> you're the godfather of their child.

>> seraphina. " argo " is a good movie. i'm so proud of it. and i'm so proud of ben. he's amazing.

>> my daughter has loved the show "deception," telling her friends about it. you play a wealthy person in this show, but we're not quite sure whether you're a good guy or a bad guy .

>> no one is what they seem to be.

>> you put the deceive in "deception."

>> it's a great show. i'm having such a good time doing it. i love the cast. jay donovan, also in " argo " plays my son and megan good.

>> -- fantastic.

>> just the best. really smart and entertaining.

>> and john laroquette is back. good guy, bad guy ? he play as a good bad guy .

>> people are doing things, thinking they're doing the right thing.

>> it must be fun to play someone with complexities.

>> yeah. let's face it, we're all a little complex.

>> twisted and tortured, i might say.

>> not you, though.

>> no. present company excluded. victor, it's great to have you here.

>> thank you so much.

>> you can catch "deception" monday nights 9:00, 10:00 central time right here on nbc.

>>> today's top clicks. what will be the video that takes