TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

From boss to baby sitter, great gifts under $30

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez shares some great affordable gift ideas for that “long list” of people you may not know all that well, like the teachers, neighbors and baby sitters.

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>> in today's countdown to the holidays we're helping you finish off your shopping list . once you've checked off your nearest and dearest, there's still a long list of people to shop for, like your kid's teacher, your dog walker , and the office secret santa .

>> you want it to be thoughtful, but you don't want to spend a lot, so here are great ideas for $30 or less. it's style expert lilliana vazquez.

>> hello, lilliana.

>> i try. it's not my second language.

>> you're on a budget. you don't want to overthink it. you want to give stylish gifts. let's start with your boss. so important. if your boss has a sweet tooth , these are wild ophelia chocolates. they come in amazing flavors like peanut about thor and carmel. delish. tin cup makes custom golf ball tips. you can have one made up with the "today" show. perfect for the sporty boss.

>> cute. and under $30?

>> everything on this table is under $30.

>> co-workers.

>> for the men in your office albert sox. fashion for your feet. they come in over 40 prints and colors. for the ladies these are tone sivone. $19. all made in france triple milk. you call this a little bit of affordable luxury.

>> secret santa gifts, you never quite know what to do.

>> everyone has them in their office. this is one of my favorite gifts of the season. this is the mosaic album from mix books. it takes photos from your iphone and put them. i found them on your twitter and instagram.

>> i have them?

>> you do.

>> i know.

>> these are from two paper dolls . they're a whimsical calendar for 2013 .

>> a lot of kids have a lot of teachers. not just one to give, but --

>> lots of teachers.

>> the gift sets are the perfect sets. they are all different seasonal delicious scents. how cute are these cookies? from dewitt bake shop. they're the ugly christmas sweater cookies.

>> i love this. they are delicious.

>> by the way, philosophy does great, great, great work all year-round.

>> a lot of --

>> they're amazing.

>> exactly.

>> baby-sitters.

>> they're totally hooked up to technology, so i like tech-cessories. these are from boden. also, headphones i think are also a great gift because people --

>> hoda loves them.

>> those are from cloud. they come in two different styles. $30. you can also custom color them. so many options.

>> a lot of workers need the next gift for the dog walker which hopefully --

>> this is perfect. for chilly mornings, a scarf. this is a super soft comes in different colors for male, female, from j. let's talk about the people that make us look good. this is your make-up artist, hairstylist, manicurist, anyone that helps you look better year-round. arcaphelago candles smell amazing. i also love candles that look beautiful in their packaging. you don't even have to wrap those. these are bangles from spartantina. they're stunning. you can wear them on your own, or stacking of bracelets that's so in right now. huge trend. tons of different colors.

>> for the neighbors next door.

>> treat your neighbors for the holiday, a little stylish. this is a tea set from tea forte . tons of delicious holiday flavors like winter spice, chamomile, and look how beautiful they look. they can invite you over for tea, right? you can encourage neighboring love there. if you are in a mom group or play date group, you want to get them something nice. how it about something for their kids. these are boxes from citrus they come to your house every single month. a toy or books or treats for the patients as well.

>> 12 gifts at $30.

>> one box of $25. if you want, you can sign up for a subrippings, $20 or month or one box for $25. those are mommy calling cards. if you have a play date that has all of your child's information. there's over 100 different styles to choose from. this is crazy straws. you can customize with up to five different letters. i treated you to some. hoda, this is yours. kat kathie lee , this is yours. they're $2.99.

>> you slurp from this end of it?

>> have you to slurp a lot.

>> there's a lot of slurping involved. kids would love this gift, and everything on the table is under $30.