TODAY   |  December 06, 2012

TODAY toy drive receives 2,000 plush bears

Kay Jewelers continues their long history of giving by donating 2,000 plush bears totaling $50,000 for the year. Vice President David Bouffard talks about the company’s work with St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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>>> kay jewelers has been contributing cuddly gifts to our toy drive 13 straight years now.

>> the vice president of kay is here with two of his friends from st. jude 's children's hospital. 12-year-old ethan scott smith and 8-year-old ellen taylor. hi, guys. how are you doing, david?

>> great.

>> you've been here 13 years in a row. you're part of this family. why do you think it's important each year to contribute?

>> every year our contributions, we donate 2,000 of our plush bears, luke and logan. every year the distribution list across the country gets bigger and bigger. it's important to keep that continuity and amazing how many kids are looking forward to it.

>> where does the relationship with st. jude come? sgr.

>> we've been corporate partners coming up to our 14th year. thanks to the help of our customers, they buy our plush bears in our kay stores across the country. every penny goes to st. jude 's.

>> you're from kentucky and you're from mississippi. what do you think of the bear you have, do you like?

>> such cute kids. ethan, what do you want to be when you grow up?

>> i want to be a scientist.

>> scientist, what kind? any particular kind of scientist you're interested?

>> help find cures for cancer.

>> ellen, how about you, hon?

>> i'd like to be a nurse.

>> you're doing great work, david. we appreciate it. thanks for coming in and joining us.

>> our toy drive runs until december 21st . you can donate in person or go online. willie, willie, thank you for filling in. you're always such fun. enjoyed the little bourbon?

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