TODAY   |  March 16, 2012

Gifts, gadgets that have luck of the Irish

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shows off a collection of luck-themed gifts to mark St. Patrick’s Day, such as four-leaf clover pendants and charmed pencils.

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>> charm. i want to say happy 90th birthday to my grandmother, al is o'malley.

>> o'malley!

>> love you, gram. we just celebrated. i have some lucky charms besides jerry. don't be jealous. that there's this big craze.

>> hello kitty but also straw seats has the limbed edition key fobs and bag charms. so does prada. it is hard to find these because they were collected. i know you're like what's happening but these were a big craze that spawned these little voodoo dolls that are at airport kiosks.

>> voodoo.

>> lucky little voodoo dolls . this one, nibble away at your worries, this other one -- sort of luck messages. this one's luckier than four rabbit feet, it says.

>> cute.

>> they're cute. there's a big craze. also dolce and gabana makeup have limbed edition lip liners and eyeliners with charms on the end. and last but not least, one of my favorite designers from l.a., michelle roy, real four-leaf clovers in gold or silver. they're about $100. but you can have an authentic four-leaf clover as a pendant.

>> beautiful. thank you, bobbie. [