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By Kamari Stewart

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Sometimes, doing laundry can feel like a completely draining chore. It often requires lots of products like detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets and more which can put a major hole in your pocket.

Dryer sheets in particular can be an extra hassle. You have to remember to put in new sheets for every load and if you're doing larger loads, you might have to use more sheets than you expected. Next thing you know, the box is empty and it's already time to buy new ones.

What if we told you that you never had to buy dryer sheets again? These wool dryer balls have taken Amazon shoppers by storm with over 14,000 5-star reviews.

Wool Dryer Balls

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The dryer balls from Smart Sheep can stay in your dryer for two to four years and can last for over 1,000 loads. Not only will it save you money on dryer sheets, but it will also reduce your drying time. By bouncing around in the dryer, the balls separate your clothes which make for a more even dry and improved air flow — shortening drying times.

"They are a permanent fixture in my dryer and have helped keep my laundry soft and unless I overload the dryer, they really do help reduce the dry time," one reviewer said.

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls still hold up after eight months.Amazon

The balls are "larger than a tennis ball but smaller than a softball," as one reviewer described it.

If you have any pets that shed, these dryer balls are for you too! They also reduce pet hair, lint and wrinkles while your clothes are in the dryer.


Sensitive skin? Not a problem. These reusable balls are hypoallergenic and are made without chemicals or synthetics.

They also act as a sort of fabric softener and your clothes will come out just as soft as they would if you used dryer sheets! " I thought this was all a joke. Well jokes on me! It dries faster and our clothes is fluffy and softer!" raved one reviewer.

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