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These hassle-free dryer balls save me time and money on laundry day

They also keep my clothes static- and wrinkle-free.
Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls (Pack of 6)
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Megan duBois

In my household, every day is laundry day. I do about four or five loads per week, so it's safe to say that I'm always up to my ears in detergent, fabric softener, boosters — you name it.

When it comes to drying my clothes, I love using my trusted dryer sheets. They always give my laundry a clean scent and guarantee a wrinkle- and static-free load every time. However, the more laundry I do (which is a lot, remember?), the more boxes I go through — which means spending even more money on supplies. Plus, single-use sheets aren't exactly environmentally friendly.

While searching for more budget- and eco-friendly alternatives, I noticed that dryer balls have become all the rage in the laundry game. They're reusable and said to be hassle-free — great for busy parents or people who work from home (like me!) who don't have time to stop at the store upon discovering an empty dryer sheet box. After hearing about these wool dryer balls on Amazon, which have more than 47,000 five-star ratings, I knew I had to give them a try.

The only question was would they stand up to the task?

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls (Pack of 6)

Before putting the dryer balls to the test for the first time, I washed my laundry as normal. I started with a load of whites that filled about three quarters of my basket. I also checked for any major stains (thankfully, there were none), so I would know if these new dryer balls caused any spots or marks.

The package comes with six dryer balls, but the instructions say to use three for smaller loads and all six for larger loads. What makes for a "large load" of laundry is up for debate, depending on what you're washing and the size of your machine, but I went with all six since my laundry basket was pretty full pre-wash. All I had to do was toss the balls into my dryer with my wet clothes, close the door and hit start.

Image of Writer Megan duBois holding up a clean sheet after using Dryer Balls
These dryer balls give me wrinkle-free laundry every time.Courtesy Megan duBois

When the dryer went off, I was hesitant to open the door. Would these wool dryer balls really work to do everything a traditional dryer sheet does? Have I found the perfect replacement?

The answer is, pretty much, yes. My clothes came out static- and wrinkle-free and just as soft as they felt after a turn with my regular dryer sheets. They lacked the scent of the dryer sheets that I love so much, but a friend of mine, who already uses wool dryer balls, suggested adding a few drops of essential oil onto the balls before drying. With this new hack in mind, I can't think of any reason why I would go back to single-use sheets — these wool dryer balls are the real deal.

The brand claims that the dryer balls shorten drying time, but that's not something I can prove since my older machine doesn't have a sensor to determine when my laundry is finished. However, I've noticed that I haven't had to add more drying time to larger loads like I've had to do in the past.

I used Smart Sheep dryer balls, but there are similar (and highly rated!) options you shop on Amazon.

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As a health- and eco-conscious person, I also like that these wool dryer balls are made without chemicals or fillers and can be reused "thousands" of times before needing to be replaced, according to the brand. So, along with time and money, it looks like I can also add the environment to the list of things this product is helping me save.