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These noise-canceling headphones are my secret to being productive at home

They're affordable, durable and extremely comfortable.

Some people can sleep with a light on and others have to have the room pitch black. Similarly, some people can work with background noise while others find it incredibly distracting.

I happen to fall in the second category and know that my best work is produced when a room is practically silent.

In an office environment, it's fairly easy to find a quiet spot to complete my work and feel productive. But when I tackle my to-do list in a coffee shop or in my home, my ability to concentrate goes right out the window.

Instead of stressing about every noise or feeling the need to isolate myself, I tried a pair of noise-canceling headphones in hopes that they would allow me to work without distraction.

TaoTronics Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones initially caught my attention because they were surprisingly affordable. I tested other ones before, but with a price tag of over $250, I couldn't convince myself to go through with the splurge.

These are normally $55, but they happen to be on sale right now for just under $42 with an Amazon coupon.

The headphones arrive pre-charged in a convenient carrying case that comes in handy when I need to take them on-the-go. Inside the case is a USB charging cable that easily plugs into my phone charger or laptop.

When I first put them on I was shocked at how comfortable they were. They have pillow-soft cushions that fit comfortably over your ears and have an adjustable headband that rotates to fit your head perfectly.

After turning on the power and activating the noise cancellation via a switch on the side, I quickly realized why these headphones have over 900 verified five-star reviews on Amazon.

The noise-canceling feature is by far my favorite part about the TaoTronics headphones. You can use them for passive noise-canceling (meaning that music isn't playing) or active noise-canceling (a blockage of outside sound with your music). Since I use them primarily for working in silence I prefer the passive option — though the headphones also provide excellent noise quality for your favorite songs.

"This model performs exceptionally well with low-frequency noise cancellation... I would say these budget headphones are almost at par with the big-name brands," said one verified buyer.

Another reviewer commented on the long battery life. "These guys deliver on the 30-hour promise, and you will easily go a day through these wearing them for 10 hours plus!" I've noticed that I rarely plug mine in and they continue to hold their charge for hours on end.

"I was looking for a good pair of over ear noise canceling headphones that would cost an arm and a leg, I purchased these and used them at work for a few days and I am impressed on how much less I hear."
"I was looking for a good pair of over ear noise canceling headphones that would cost an arm and a leg, I purchased these and used them at work for a few days and I am impressed on how much less I hear."Amazon

Now that I've been using them for a few months, I can say that they're durable and hold up to regular use. Another TODAY editor agrees these are a great value.

"These wireless noise-canceling headphones have changed my life!" said Shop TODAY Editorial Assistant, Camryn La Sala.

"Over the years, I’ve splurged on $200 headphones, but stopped buying them since they didn't last long. Someone recommended these to me and I was a little apprehensive due to the price, but boy was I wrong!" she explained. "The battery life lasts for days on end and the noise-cancellation is amazing. Since I’ve started working from home, these have been a major game-changer in a house full of people."

Whether I'm surrounded by lots of noise or I simply want to center my focus, these headphones certainly do the trick.

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