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My hair went from limp to lifted after using this dry shampoo — and it smells incredible

It gives my unwashed hair a salon-worthy pick-me-up.
Illustration of Katie Jackson using the sol de Janeiro dry shampoo and showing the top of her head
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Katie Jackson
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You know when you know you look good, and you can't stop checking yourself out? Well, I know when I smell good, and I love it when I get a whiff of a new fragrance I'm trying out — whether it be a perfume, a body spray or, in this case, a hair product. My newest scent is courtesy of Sol de Janeiro. The same brand behind the bestselling Brazilian Bum Bum Cream recently released a new dry shampoo, which boasts its signature scent, Cheirosa ‘62.

Sure, it smells amazing, but does it actually work? The new Brazilian Joia Refreshing Dry Shampoo is designed to absorb oil and make unwashed hair look clean and fresh. As someone who suffers from oily hair — and who truly appreciates a delightfully scented beauty product — this sounded like something worth a try. Here's what happened after I put it to the test.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Refreshing Dry Shampoo

I'm loving these results

While I shower every day, I only shampoo my hair a few times a week. My roots often get super greasy, so I go to great lengths to hide them — like always wearing my favorite sun hat. I hate the reason I feel I have to wear it, and I probably shouldn't wear it indoors as often as I do.

Thanks to this dry shampoo, now I never want to cover my head! (Unless I need actual protection, of course.) After using it, my hair always looks freshly washed — even professionally blown out. It completely changes the texture of my hair, going from limp to lifted with just a few spritzes. The product — which consists of Brazilian kaolin clay and rice starch — eliminates grease and makes my hair easier to style, whether I want to tease my roots or rock a French braid.

Image of Katie Jackson showing the top of her head
Courtesy Katie Jackson

Make sure to give it a good shake

The instructions are clear. You need to shake this product “extremely” well before using it. So, I always make sure to spend at least a few seconds vigorously shaking the can to ensure I receive the best results.

Next, I separate my hair into sections and spray the dry shampoo at the root. Be careful not to hold the bottle too close to your scalp — I spray each section from about six inches away. Like other dry shampoos, if you use too much of it or spray it too closely to your hair, it goes on gray. However, the gray always goes away after I tousle my hair. In fact, I think that’s the most important step. Unlike hairspray, which you just spray and then go about your day, you need to work this product into your hair.

Lastly, let it sit for 30 seconds after applying. The bottle recommends to “massage with fingers, and brush or shake hair.” I usually just run my hands through it near the roots, and I'm good to go.

Smell good, feel good

There's no other way to put it: The scent of this dry shampoo is intoxicating. The fragrance is truly what makes this Sol de Janeiro product stand out — no other dry shampoo, or regular shampoo for that matter, comes close. It's basically perfume for your hair. When I do wash it, I use this bestselling apple cider vinegar shampoo. It works well but doesn't smell divine. This dry shampoo, however, checks all the boxes in that department.

A sommelier of scents might describe the way I smell as salted caramel meets subtle pistachio. I simply say I smell good. And when I smell good, I feel good. Throw in the fact that this product also solves my greasy hair problems, and I feel even better.

Image of Katie Jackson showing off her hair
Courtesy Katie Jackson

At $24 a bottle at Sephora, the Brazilian Joia Refreshing Dry Shampoo isn't a beauty bargain by any means. However, it's still about the average price of some of 2021's bestselling dry shampoos — and it even costs less than this TikTok favorite.

In my opinion, these results are worth every penny.

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