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This $20 crossbody bag has all the compartments I need to keep things organized

It fits all my essentials and makes for the perfect travel accessory.
Courtesy Jannely Espinal

When it comes to my accessories, I generally lean towards styles that are trendy, functional and comfortable. This especially applies to my bag collection, most of which are on the smaller but spacious side, so they can hold most of my belongings and are easy on my shoulder. Since I tend to go from my home to the office and right to work events — a full 12-hour (maybe more) day — I require a multifunctional purse that will keep my essentials organized at all times, which is why this crossbody bag from Amazon has been a lifesaver for its simple, carry-all features.

This budget-friendly find (only $20!) has become my go-to everyday bag as it fits all my necessities.

FashionPuzzle Triple Zip Small Crossbody Bag

It's lightweight and spacious

The main characteristic of this bag is the three-zipper storage space that holds tons of stuff. It features a roomy interior that's large enough to fit a deceiving amount of stuff, like my bulky sunglasses case, pantyliners, anti-fog wipes, pens, sample-sized fragrances, ring lights, coupons and more. The main compartment also has an interior zipper to store intimate things and a small pocket to hold your lipgloss.

The two zippered exterior pockets might be my favorite on-the-go feature because they offer better accessibility to my phone, keys and cards — most notably, my metro card, which I need to grab quickly when I'm running to the train station. These easy-access pockets have saved me from stress-searching for products inside my bag when I need them ASAP. Plus, the front pockets are also a great spot to carry your work badge or any other item you need to reach for at a moment's notice.

It's the perfect travel purse

I give this crossbody bag major points for its travel-friendly design. You can adjust the length of the strap easily and make it shorter if needed. I also think it will make for a good personal item to wear at the airport since you can fit your passport in the front pocket. Also, the actual construction is extremely lightweight and flexible, so you can easily fold it and pack it in your luggage.

Besides its lightweight, spacious and roomy features, the bag can also be customized. If you want to add some pizzazz to this versatile purse, you can remove the straps and swap them for a chain, or even wear it as a clutch since it's easy to hold.

It comes in multiple hues

The crossbody bag comes in almost 30 shades that range from soft neutrals to bright colors such as mint, rose gold and saddle brown. No matter what color you opt for (I went with a clean and classic white style), I think it's a great piece of fashion to wear every day — or a great last-minute gift for any bridesmaid fashion-forward friend.

As someone who constantly upgrades her wardrobe, I feel that this bag will transition well into different seasons. And while I own a collection of designer purses and other trendy bags, this Amazon option continues to be in my daily rotation for its comfort and reliability.