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Everything your seventh-grader will need for the new school year

From pencils to binders, this list will make back-to-school shopping easier than ever.
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School this year may look different, but students will still need all of the usual school supplies as they prepare for the lessons ahead.

Whether your seventh-grader is heading back to school or shifting to online learning, having all the essentials is key to starting the year off on the right foot. From backpacks to notebooks, this list of popular school supplies will make back-to-school shopping easier than ever.

Backpacks and lunch boxes for seventh-graders

1. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

Go back to school in style with a brand new backpack! Made of polyester, the bag was designed to be lightweight and can help your child organize and store all of their belongings.

2. Under Armour Adult Scrimmage Backpack 2.0

This backpack was made to protect against almost all weather. The waterproof material helps repel water so that your belongings can stay safe and dry. You can pick between 25 different colors and designs, including black, red and various camouflage prints.

3. L.L. Bean Lunch Box

Available in 14 prints, this lunch box is BPA-free and aims to fit all your lunch needs in an insulated, compact design.

4. OmieBox Bento Box for Kids

Take lunch to the next level with this organized storage container. Made with a thermos pack, this will keep your food warm from the moment you put it in the container.

Storage and organizers for seventh-graders

1. Zipit Fresh Twister Jumbo Pencil Case

Using a handy pencil case will keep all of the essentials in one place. This design was made to hold up to 50 pens, pencils and more, and It even has a diagonal opening to help find things easier.

2. DashPlanner Digital Student Planner

This digital student planner will help your student keep track of deadlines and assignments. The downloadable file is compatible with iPads, tablets and desktops. Featuring 12 monthly calendars, weekly layouts, six notebook styles, stickers and more, you and your student can organize and track habits and goals all from the convenience of your laptop.

3. Blue Sky 2020-2021 Weekly & Monthly Planner

If your child prefers to physically write things out, then they'll definitely enjoy this sleek planner. This model was made with both monthly and weekly calendars to help them schedule their academic year.

4. Samsill Biobased Durable 3 Ring Binders

Every seventh-grader needs a sturdy binder, especially now that their workload is higher than ever before. This four-pack is perfect for separating work and notes from different classes. The binders are also biodegradable!

5. Jam Paper Heavy Duty 2-Pocket Folders

Stay organized using a handy folder to keep all of your child's work in one place. This six-pack comes in assorted colors to help differentiate each class. The folders are also made of plastic in an effort to help protect papers from getting wet or damaged.

6. Avery Big Tab Write & Erase Plastic Dividers

The colorful tabs in the pack will help separate each section of your notes. They were also designed to be erasable so that you can reuse them and take them with you into the eighth grade.

7. Post-It Notes 100 Sheets/Pad

You can leave notes and reminders for yourself with the help of these sticky notes. The pack comes with 100 vibrant sheets so you can color-code your notes accordingly.

Writing supplies for seventh-graders

1. Ticonderoga No. 2 Pencils 30-Pack

A trustworthy pencil can make all the difference in taking notes. This 30-pack of pencils comes pre-sharpened so that they're ready to use and feature an eraser at the end to help fix minor errors.

2. BIC Wite-Out

This special Wite-Out formula is designed to dry quickly, so you don't have to wait long to make a correction. The mixture was created to be applied on photocopies, faxes, ink, permanent marker and more.

3. BIC Soft Feel Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Taking notes in class is always easier with the use of a trusty pen. Worry less about losing pen caps with the retractable design that helps prevent the ink from drying out. This variety pack even comes with both black and blue pens to fit your child's needs.

4. Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker

This five-pack of permanent markers are handy for when your child needs to trace lines for a project or simply wants something a bit more noticeable than a regular pen.

5. Tru Red Pocket Highlighters With Grip

These colorful highlighters will make taking notes much more interactive. With colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green and blue, your student can use their favorite color as they underline important notes or readings.

6. Bostitch Twist-n-Sharp Pencil Sharpener

Dull pencils don't stand a chance with a reliable pencil sharpener. This three-pack comes in assorted colors, including blue, pink and orange. Just twist your pencil and the sharpener will help turn that dull pencil into a sharp and ready-to-use tool.

7. Dixon Ticonderoga Assorted Erasers

It's easy to fix the little things with these fun erasers. The variety pack comes with a mix of pencil-topper erasers and handheld erasers, so they'll be ready to erase most errors and start again.

8. Oxford College Ruled Filler Paper

Now is the perfect time to stock up on paper with this pack of 500 sheets. The college-ruled paper can be easily stored in binders and is great for taking notes in class.

9. Five-Star 3-Subject Assorted Notebooks

Prepare for all your classes with this six-pack of notebooks. Made to help organize and store all your notes, these notebooks were made with a spiral design to prevent snagging on clothes and your backpack.

10. Universal 5x8 Index Cards

Study for your next big test with the help of these index cards. This pack of 100 is both color-coded and designed with lines to help organize your work.

Math supplies for seventh-graders

1. Charles Leonard Compass and Protractor Set

Drawing the perfect circle just got easier with the help of this protractor math set. This duo was created to help you measure angles and draw your own.

2. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Making difficult calculations is always easier with the help of a graphing calculator. This model was created with preloaded software, including Cabri Jr. interactive. Your student will have the option of a horizontal or vertical split-screen, and can even graph, analyze, define and save up to 10 graphing functions at one time.

3. Westcott See Through Acrylic Ruler

Everyone needs a go-to ruler, and this clear design is perfect for getting precise measurements.

4. Five Star 3 Hole Punched Graph Paper

This pack of 100 graph paper sheets comes with three-hole punches so your child can effortlessly store it in their binder. The sheets were also made to be tear-resistant for a stronger hold.

Crafting tools for seventh-graders

1. Elmer's Washable Glue Stick

Worry less about messes with these washable glue sticks. Made with a purple formula to provide a smoother application, the purple coloring also allows users to track where they've applied glue.

2. Westcott Hard Handle Student Scissors

For all your project needs, make sure you have a reliable pair of scissors on hand. Designed for both right- and left-handed users, these scissors were also made with an anti-microbial agent to help prevent the growth of bacteria stains and odors.

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