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I ditched my old charger for these right-angled cables — and I'll never go back

They make it easy to charge and use my phone at the same time.
Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

Though we're supposed to put down our phones before bed, I am definitely guilty of getting under the covers and spending hours scrolling through social media, responding to texts and watching (at least) one show on Netflix before I actually fall asleep. But by the time I am ready to do all of that, my phone is not. My battery is usually drained before it even hits 6 p.m., so I end up charging my phone while I use it.

While it's not a major inconvenience, having to charge my iPhone with a traditional charger that sticks out at the bottom makes it awkward to hold and also tends to bend the wire while I'm watching a TV show or video calling my friends. Not only that, but all of the stress that it puts on the charging cable leaves me worried that the cord will eventually fray and stop working.

Aside from the bending, the standard charging cord that came with my phone is pretty short and can only reach so far, so I've long dreamed of finding a charger that could magically present a solution to my specific technical difficulties.

I always thought it would just be easier for someone to make a charger that plugs into my phone horizontally rather than vertically — and I recently discovered that Aukey was already one step ahead of me.

Aukey Right Angle Lightning Cable for iPhone (Two-Pack)

They're practical

I've purchased my fair share of longer charging cords in an attempt to make my life easier, but none have stood the test of time. Back in January, I splurged and spent $30 on a charging cable that was 10 feet long and can be reinforced with a protector, but it stopped working just six months later.

Rather than trying to fix my cables with a bunch of accessories, I purchased the Aukey Right Angle Lightning Cable since it's already crafted to charge cellphones at a 90-degree angle. Even better? The cord is over 6 feet long, so I've been able to plop myself in bed, on the couch or in the car without worrying about broken wires or having to sit as close to the outlet as possible.

Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

They charge fast

Not only do these charging cords solve some of my frustrations, but I've seen a notable difference in charging time compared to my previous charger — and I'm not alone in this realization.

"Charges as fast or if not quicker than the factory cable," one of the charger's more than 1,100 verified reviewers wrote. "I love being able to watch a video while charging my phone. It’s easier to hold when I’m charging and holding the phone horizontally."

Another reviewer pointed out that the cords are durable, and since they are crafted from braided nylon and then reinforced by tinplated connectors, they don't easily give in to wear and tear like rubber-coated cables sometimes do.

"My family tends to lose charger cords so this was a great price to add a few quality extras to our household," they wrote. "I will be buying a few more due to the excellent value."

They are easy to organize

While the quality and charging speed are factors that are worthy of praise on their own, the detail I've come to appreciate the most has nothing to do with actually charging the phone. I've realized that my favorite feature is actually the velcro strap that can keep the wires neat and organized, which makes it easy to take with me on the go and reduces the clutter on my counter.

Jillian Ortiz

I do have to remove my bulky protective phone case in order for the cord to properly fit into the charging port, but that's a small inconvenience I'm willing to deal with. If anything, it gives me an excuse to clean my phone and my phone case, which I often forget to do.

Much like a few of the gadgets we've discovered within the last few weeks, I've found these charging cables to be one of those things I didn't know I needed until I got my hands on it. They're an affordable upgrade that has made all the difference in my daily routine, and I don't think I'll go back to my old ways ever again.

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