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Love 'em? Hate 'em? 12 Peeps products you'll have something to say about

From makeup to shoes, we found all of the Peeps-inspired finds you'll ever need for your Easter baskets this year.
Illustration of Peeps x HipDot makeup collaboration and a rainbow Build-a-Bear shaped like a peep
Peeps released adorable treats that are more than just marshmallows. TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Hipdot / Build-a-Bear

Just over a year after it was thought Peeps were nearly on the verge of extinction, they're back — and suddenly, everywhere.

Last year, the production of Peeps was temporarily halted just before Easter. Then, in September, it was announced that holiday selections of the marshmallow treats wouldn't be in stores for Christmas, Halloween and other popular holidays. Now, after a nearly year-long hiatus, Peeps are finding their way onto more than just store shelves.

Just Born, the company behind Peeps and fan favorites such as Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales, most recently announced a collaboration with Pepsi for a marshmallow-flavored soda (though it's only available via their sweepstakes) — but Peeps collaborations are popping up everywhere. Meaning, there will be a lot more than candy to put in your baskets this Easter.

"Peeps Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies have been a Springtime staple and quintessential Easter candy for nearly seven decades, which is why we’re thrilled to be back and better than ever this year following a momentary hiatus from store shelves," Peeps Brand Manager, Caitlin Servian, told Shop TODAY.

"To celebrate the brand’s triumphant return, we’re launching sweet new flavors and product offerings ... We also partnered with brands including Pepsi, Build-A-Bear and HipDot so fans have a variety of ways to express their "Peepsonality'," Servian continued.

We have the scoop on all of the edible and non-edible Peeps-inspired items that are too adorable to pass up on this spring.

Peeps-inspired products

Duncan Hines and PEEPS Spring Baking Kit

Skip the egg-dying and opt for an activity the whole family can get in on — baking. This complete kit comes with cake mix, brownie mix, frostings and of course, marshmallow chicks and bunnies to decorate a delicious Easter cake with.

“The inspiration behind our partnership actually came from consumers, who were already combining our two brands to create fun, colorful desserts," Peeps and Conagra told us. "Now that people are baking at home more than ever, we’re excited to give them even more ways to have fun in the kitchen with our Duncan Hines and Peeps Marshmallow Spring baking kit.”

HipDot PEEPS Eyeshadow Palette

The HipDot x Peeps collaboration sold out just a few weeks ago, but loyal Peeps fans will be happy to know it's back in stock! This palette features six bright shades, including a range of pastels and shimmer shades that can be used to create bold spring looks.

HipDot PEEPS Sponge Set

These makeup sponges are just as adorable as the marshmallows themselves! The set of four are packaged just like the real treats and can be used just like any other sponge to blend out foundation and other products in your makeup routine.

Peeps Hand Sanitizer

Functional and cute, this Peeps-inspired hand sanitizer is formulated with 70 percent ethyl alcohol and boasts a cotton candy marshmallow creme scent. It's the perfect basket stuffer for any little one returning to the classroom this year.

Peeps X Crocs Classic Clog

We don't know how we feel about this one either. Call these a bold fashion statement, but several styles are already out of stock. There are even smaller sizes for the 'little Peeps' in the family! Each pair comes with three 3-D "Jibbitz" that add a fun flair to this eye-catching clog.

Peeps for Pets Dressup Bunnies

Your pup deserves an Easter treat too! These vinyl toys are perfect for play and even make the squeaky sound they love to hear during a game of fetch.

Nora Fleming Mini Peeps Platter Ornament

Whether you're serving candy eggs or deviled eggs this Easter, this Peeps platter is the perfect centerpiece for your table. The adorable, hand-painted ceramic pieces also comes in bunny form.

Peeps Pancake Mix and Skillet Set

With a bunny-shaped pan and buttermilk mix, breakfast just got a seriously cute upgrade. You can whip up six pancakes with this set that makes a great basket stuffer for kids of all ages.

Peeps Cookie Cookie Coop Kit

Pre-baked and ready to assemble, this cookie coop is another fun and easy activity the family can do together this spring. It includes everything you'll need to complete the edible craft, such as Peeps, icing, candies, sugar cookie panels and figures.

Peeps Rainbow Pop Easter Candy

Prefer to just enjoy the marshmallow treat you know and love? This Easter-themed pop features three chick-shaped treats that make for a colorful basket stuffer.

Animal Adventure Peeps Plush

Just as fluffy and adorable as an actual Peep, this plush comes in both pink and yellow. The brand new stuffed toy also won't give little ones a sugar rush.

Build-a-Bear Peeps Rainbow Bunny

You don't have to head to the mall to snag this cute plush! With sparkly rainbow fur and extra-large ears, this Peeps bunny was made for any younger kid who just wants to hangout with their "Peeps."

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