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24 mismatched earring sets to try this season

Here's how to make the accessory trend work for you, according to a stylist.
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Earrings have long been a classic accessory that women wear to add a little sparkle to their outfits. But long gone are the days of boring pearls or standard diamond studs. While those conventional jewelry pieces still have their place in the world, more and more people are purposefully mismatching their earrings to match their personal style and aesthetic.

The fashion trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, so we asked Molly Cohen, stylist and founder of Borderline Mandatory based in New York City, a few questions about mismatched earrings.

What are the best ways to source earrings for this trend? Buy sets or mix-and-match what you already have?

There’s a lot of jewelry brands out there selling mismatched earring sets, or you can go an even easier route and make your own. Some brands like Pandora are even selling single earrings.

Cohen says the first step to finding earrings that work for you is by asking yourself a few simple questions: Are you sensitive to any type of metal? What’s your budget? “Like all jewelry, lower price point ways to do this trend will be gold-plated or silver, meaning if you’re sensitive to certain metals you may get irritated," Cohen told Shop TODAY. "Look for brands that make pieces out of solid gold instead, though this will increase the price point.”

What price should you pay for earrings?

This really depends on the person and their sensitivity to different metals. But Cohen also brings up a good point for those who have a third piercing on their earlobe or cartilage. “Some brands will sell single earrings so you can mix-and-match different pieces together on your own, or if you have a 3rd piercing will allow you to not need to purchase a full set! This is a great way to start if you want to dip your toe in testing the look with something you already own or wear day to day,” she explained.

What tips can you give to people wanting to experiment with mismatched earrings?

Cohen laid out her top three tips to make the mismatched earring trend easy and accessible for anyone with piercings.

  1. Know what you’re looking for. Determine what kind of material, price point and style you want to try before shopping. Decide if you’re going to add a onesie to a set of studs you already own or go for a mismatched pair that’s sold together.
  2. Think about how you’re wearing them, whether it’ll be a statement piece to complete your look or something more subtle for everyday wear.
  3. Have fun with it! This is such a unique way to explore your personal style. Find pieces that reflect something about your personality to show off to the world.

After chatting with Cohen, we set out to find some fun sets and single earrings that you can buy right now. The best part? They're all available under $50.

Mismatched earrings and earring sets to try this season

1. Pacsun LA Hearts Gold Opal Celestial Stud Earrings

This set from Pacsun is a great way to dip your toes in the water of mismatched earrings. The star and moon pair are super trendy, and you can’t beat the price at just under $5.

2. Crystal Glass Stud and Small Hoop Earring Set

Having multiple pieces in a set makes mixing and matching easy. You can pop on one earring from one pair and swap out the other until you’re satisfied with the look you’ve created. We particularly love the dainty hearts in this set from Target.

3. Charm Hoop, Stud and Ear Climber Earring Set

Earrings that double as climbers or crawlers are another fun way to bring an interesting twist to your outfit. This set features a variety of studs, hoops and climbers to create a unique scene on and around your lobes.

4. Youzey Swingy Pearlescent Bead Earrings

If you’re looking for earrings that almost matches, this swingy set is it. The only difference is that one is longer than the other. This set is just $15, making it a pretty cheap option.

5. BP. Resin Huggie Earrings Set

Getting the most bang for your buck is exactly what you’ll get from this earring pack, which features six sets of earrings that can be mixed and matched however you choose.

6. Moon, Star, Earth and Planet Asymmetrical Drop Earrings

For those who love space (or if your style's simply out of this world), this set is for you. We particularly love the little astronaut reaching for the stars.

7. Loft Mixed Metallic Set

Featuring a wide array of metallic hues, nine sets of earrings come in this pack from Loft. The best thing about this set, though, is that it’s currently on sale for 40% off with the code LOVEIT.

8. Free People Teeny Tiny Mega Stud Earring Set

This mix-and-match collection includes 40 (!!!) studs of shimmery stones and intricate metal shapes. There's also 10 colorful sets to choose from.

9. Pandora My Shooting Star Single Stud Earring

Single earrings you can match with something you already have is a good way to save money and try out the mismatched earring trend. We love this star earring from Pandora, which is sterling silver and has shimmering stones.

10. Pandora My Moon Single Stud Earring

You can also purchase a blue moon earring from Pandora to make your own mismatched set.

11. Harry Potter Fashion Earrings

For those wishing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was their actual home, or if you just enjoy cuddling up with the "Harry Potter" books, this set is a must. Show off your love of the series by wearing the term “Always” and the crest of Platform 9 3/4.

12. Betsey Johnson Rose Mismatch Drop Earrings

Love wine? Show off your love of your drink of choice with these Betsey Johnson earrings that look like a bottle of rosé and a cluster of grapes. The earrings are a really pretty rose gold color and cost just under $25.

13. Betsey Johnson Heart Drop Earrings

For something a little more edgy, you might want to try these black hearts earrings.

14. Mismatched Vine and Leaf Ear Climber Earrings

The vine climber and leaf earring are a unique pair that can be worn with just about anything, from a Zoom meeting for work to having an intimate picnic with your family.

15. Adorn 512 Mix and Match Studs Set

Customizing your own set is super easy with Adorn 512. You get to pick four different studs to go in your collection from rope huggies to triple star studs, then pick which color and finish to make your perfect mix-and-match set.

16. Fortune and Frame Mismatched Heart and Arrow Earrings

These gold-dipped brass earrings are a unique set including a heart and arrow. The set would be great on a date night with your significant other — or just to treat yourself with.

17. Icon 5-Piece Mismatch Earring Pack

Chains and studs comprise this gold-finished mismatched pack from Nordstrom.

18. Peaces by Lauren Obsidian Road Earrings

For those looking to dip their toes into the mismatched earring trend, this polymer clay set from Peaces by Lauren are a good place to start. The hand-mixed color give each earring its own distinct look.

19. BaubleBar BFF Earrings

If you love everything Disney, then you’re going to want to get these BFF earrings from BaubleBar. Featuring two of the brand's most iconic couples — Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Donald and Daisy Duck — these romantic studs are perfect for date night.

20. Sunshine Tienda Mismatched Seashell Horn Earrings

This mismatched set is giving us some tropical cabana vibes. We love the beachy shell tops with the navy and gold metallic bottoms.

21. Maison Miru Pave Bar And North Star Studs

Adding an elegant, delicate touch to your lobes, these studs can be paired with your everyday work attire or your favorite little black dress.

22. BaubleBar Earring Stack Builder

Create your own mix-and-match set with this stack builder from BaubleBar. Options to choose from include heart-shaped locks, chain drops, floral and geometric hoops and more.

23. Sterling Forever Asymmetric CZ Burst & Crescent Drop Studs

These moon and star earrings are studded with gems that will glitter like a clear night sky. The pieces come in silver or gold to match what jewelry you may already have in your collection.

24. Kendra Scott Addison Huggie & Stud Earrings Set

We love this set from Kendra Scott, which features simple yet elegant studs and huggies. The earrings are a little more expensive at $48, but it's well worth it for a set that's designed to last a very long time.

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