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I finally have a tidy bathroom thanks to this game-changing hair tool organizer

I found a space-saving tool that keeps all of my hair care essentials in one place.

As a beauty editor, I admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to hair tools. In my defense, it's my job to experiment with different hair products — meaning, I need multiple curling irons, straighteners and brushes to achieve a variety of different looks for potential review. The resulting clutter plus the limited space provided by my New York City apartment equals one thing — a very untidy bathroom.

Typically, my tools are sprawled across the bottom of my bathroom cabinet, with wires haphazardly spread out in a tangled mess. This leaves little room for my favorite hair care products, which I'm forced to place along the sink area, much to the dismay of my roommates. I can't count how many times one of us has loudly knocked over a bottle of dry shampoo or hairspray while washing our hands or brushing our teeth.

To say that I needed to get organized is an understatement. Thankfully, I found a way to whip my bathroom into shape — and save space while doing it — with the Jack Cube Design Hair Tool Organizer.

Jack Cube Design Hair Tool Organizer

The two-tier bin contains four separate compartments — three circular holders and a front rectangular section — to store a number of hair care essentials. Thanks to its unique design and classic white color, the organizer looks chic on my countertop (and I think it would easily match any bathroom decor). Plus, it’s made of premium synthetic leather that feels durable and is easy to wipe down if you get any product on it.

If the all-white design doesn't go with your bathroom aesthetic, the brand also offers the hair tool organizer in black.

Jack Cube Design Hair Tool Organizer (Black)

Before putting the organizer to use, I did a quick inventory of my products. I have three main hair tools that I use regularly: a blow-dryer, a straightener and a curling iron. Conveniently, all three fit perfectly inside the round sectionals.

Once the tools were secured inside the bin, I gathered my hair products to place along the front storage space. I have approximately 15 different hair products that I rotate through, and while this bin certainly couldn’t fit all my favorites, I was impressed to find that it easily holds five full-sized bottles and one travel-sized item.


I use the front rectangular holder to house my hairsprays, dry shampoos and heat protectants, but it's also a great spot to place a power strip. There's a hole conveniently built into the side of the bin to fit the power strip wire through. This makes it easy to have all your tools ready to go simultaneously.

“I use this product with a power strip in the front section, so I can always have both my hair dryer and straightener plugged in at the same time,” explains one Amazon user. “The cords stay untangled, and my counter is less cluttered.”

Even though I prefer storing hair products over a power strip, this organizer still keeps all my wires from tangling up. All I have to do is tightly wrap each tool. Since most of the wiring is contained within the bin, the wrapping remains snug and won't unravel.


My only wish is that the cups in the top tier section were more securely fastened. Sometimes they twist around or pop out when I reach for a tool, which takes away from the organizer's overall quality. (I’m seriously considering super gluing them into place.) Otherwise, I couldn’t be happier with how this organizer has made my tiny, NYC apartment bathroom appear cleaner and far less cluttered. It's been a massive game-changer when it comes to getting my space in tiptop shape.

Now, I spend way less time apologizing to my roommates and more time finessing my locks into the next must-try hairstyles.