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I tried the sundress Amazon shoppers are raving about — I can see why they love it

It's soft, lightweight and on sale for just $28.
Courtesy Julie Ricevuto

There’s nothing quite like finding a breezy summer dress that’s both comfortable and stylish. Every spring, I scour fashion sites and dig through clothing racks to find a versatile style that I can happily wear to any occasion during the warmer months.

These types of dresses are typically such a rare gem that once you do find one, it’s probably in your best interest to purchase a few of them — which is exactly what I’ll be doing with this sleeveless A-line sundress from Amazon. With almost 14,000 five-star ratings and stellar reviews, shoppers can't seem to stop raving about it — and now that I’ve tried it myself, I can understand why.

Yathon Sleeveless Cotton Sundress

It is lightweight and comfortable

The comfort level of this dress surpasses most clothing I own — even my favorite T-shirt and boxer pajamas combo. It’s made of cotton and polyester, which allows for a soft, stretchy material that feels lightweight against the body.

I often worry that dresses with such a weightless material appear too sheer or lack support along the chest area — and in my experience, those worries are usually justified. However, the Yathon sundress is double-layered at the top section, so I never have to worry about it being see-through. It also has adjustable spaghetti straps, which help me feel supported and secure. And the zipper along the side makes it easy to slip on and off.

Courtesy Julie Ricevuto

Another reason to love the cotton material of this sundress: It helps me survive New York City's hot and humid summers. I'm confident this piece will keep me cool and dry while I power walk through the sweltering streets of Manhattan or sit in a subway car that lacks air conditioning (which happens more than you'd think).

It has pockets!

Not only is this dress comfortable, it’s also functional thanks to a key element: pockets! Any dress with pockets immediately gets five stars from me, but this style features deeper compartments, which are perfect for carrying things like a slender wallet, a pack of gum or a small set of keys.

The only downside is that these pockets aren't very sturdy. Since the soft material also has some stretch to it, heavier items like a cell phone can sometimes weigh the dress down.

My only issue with this Amazon favorite is that it doesn’t have many size options — it only comes in S, M, L and XL. I ordered the size S, and while the fit flatters my body, it’s rather long on me. I stand at 5 feet 5 inches, so those who fall on the shorter side may need to have it hemmed or simply embrace it as a longer, below-the-knee style. And since the material is so stretchy, it might be a good idea to size down if you want a tighter fit.

This sundress works for every occasion

What makes this dress such a standout is its versatility. I’ve paired it with a jacket and worn it to work meetings, I’ve thrown on sneakers with it to run errands, and I’ve even put on heels for a night out.

The Yathon sundress is truly cute for all occasions and has quickly become one of my go-to outfits. It comes in 42 color options and is super affordable at only $33 (but for a limited time, it's on lightning deal for just $28!) — all the more reason to buy a few more to cycle through all spring and summer long.