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These bestselling leggings are 'buttery smooth,' flattering — and they're on sale for $22

Comfort never goes out of style!
Danielle Murphy / TODAY

The dictionary defines "luxury" as something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary. I’d argue that this Amazon bestseller successfully redefines the term — as well as what exactly a must-have item looks like in a woman’s closet.

IUGA High-Waisted Leggings for Women

I’m talking about the high-waisted leggings and yoga pants by IUGA. They tick all of the boxes in the oh-so-cozy category, earning top marks for their ultra-stretchy fit and I-never-want-to-take-them-off kind of softness. But on behalf of every fashion-forward female who appreciates a good deal, to say these pants are not absolutely necessary would be a sin of the highest degree against your fall wardrobe.

The price is unbeatable

The price tag seemed suspicious, and part of me wondered if I was getting duped. How could something rated so well be so affordable? Well, the over 10,100 five-star ratings don’t lie. According to thousands of satisfied buyers, the high-quality fabric lends well to many different shapes, sizes and body types.

Danielle Murphy / TODAY

If anyone is happier about this find than I am, it’s my bank account. It’s hard to justify dropping $90 (or more!) on high-end brands when I can purchase four IUGA leggings that are just as stylish, comfortable and slimming for the same amount of money. With the holidays just around the corner, these high-waisted pants might be the most cost-effective way to make your friends and family very happy.

They're made for yogis

These IUGA leggings pass every test. Squat-proof? Check. Breathable? To a shocking degree. Panty lines? A thing of the past. Being a shorter person (I barely reach 5-foot-3), a size small is the perfect length and feels snug at both my waist and ankles.

However, what I love most is the compression around my stomach area — these high-waisted leggings accentuate my curves and smooth out worry areas. What’s more impressive is that they are also designed to lift the booty, so you may find yourself tempted to stare a little longer at the mirror (I know I was).

Danielle Murphy / TODAY

When it comes to shopping for pants, I prefer styles that flatter my hip dips. Not only does this brand follow through on its promise of “buttery smooth” material, but its clothing shapes my body in the most complimentary way. Honestly, I’ve never felt more confident — or dare I say, sexy? — in a pair of form-fitting bottoms.

They're extremely versatile

These leggings are ready to go for any occasion. As someone who is still working from home part-time, comfy attire is an important factor for staying focused. I love how I can transition from an eight-hour workday to a long workout without having to change out of these pants. Plus, the hidden inner pocket is a convenient place to stash credit cards or keys while on the go. For a dressier look, I can easily pair them with an oversized sweater and boots. Also, let’s not forget that they come in more than 10 different colors and three length options, so the outfit opportunities are endless. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new line that includes patterns and prints.)

Danielle Murphy / TODAY

If you thought living in luxury was out of your reach, I guarantee you’ll never be happier being proven wrong.