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Social distance in style with this holiday face mask chain

This must-have accessory is an excellent stocking stuffer, too.
TODAY Illustration / Katie Jackson
/ Source: TODAY

I used to think only grandmas and librarians wore lanyards, but then I saw a photo of Gigi Hadid rocking a pearl chain connected to her sunglasses. Since I wear glasses a lot, I figured a lanyard could come in handy.

Now that I wear a mask too, it seems especially useful. Why not use a lanyard as a mask chain? And since it's the holiday season, why not try this fun and festive beaded lanyard?

You get three for $13

There are hundreds of lanyards and glasses chains out there. Even though this lanyard from Phalin is brand new and only has four reviews, I chose it because it came in a three-pack for just $13. I wanted one for my eyeglasses, one for the mask I keep in my purse and one for the mask I keep in my car. Basically, it comes down to about $4 per lanyard.

But they don't look cheap

the lanyard comes in a three-pack
Katie Jackson / TODAY

Since these lanyards are so affordable, I was worried they'd look and feel cheap. Good news: they don't! Although the beads are plastic, they look like they're made of higher quality material than the disposable Mardi Gras beads I was afraid they'd look like. At 28 inches, they're also plenty long enough. I have tons of hair and like to wear hooded jackets and sweaters, so every extra inch is appreciated.

It functions like a mask chain

wearing my lanyard to dress up my plain surgical mask
Katie Jackson / TODAY

Even though we've been wearing masks for months now, and I've found some pretty cool masks (including a bamboo mask I can comfortably wear for hours at a time), I still don't think I've perfected the look. For example, it was just a few weeks ago that I discovered this game-changing face bracket that makes it easier to talk while wearing a mask. Similarly, I'm late to the mask chain game.

Katie Jackson / TODAY

When I haven't had my mask on my face, I've worn it around my wrist or elbow. With a mask chain, though, I can keep it around my neck. It's as brilliant as it is basic. Plus, it looks pretty and makes my mask — especially the disposable kind — look less depressing. When I pair it with my LED Christmas light mask, I don't think my holiday mask game can be any stronger. In fact, it might be too strong!

I use it for my glasses, too

using the lanyard on my eyeglasses
Katie Jackson / TODAY

Anyone who has ever worn glasses knows how easy it is to lose them. I set mine down all the time and forget where I place them, but I never lose my glasses when I'm rocking this chain. (All you have to do to use this lanyard with your glasses is remove the lobster clasp mask attachments, then fasten the elastic cords to your glasses.) When I do give my glasses a break and put them down on my dark countertops, they're easy to find because the beads are brightly colored.

I may not look like Gigi Hadid when I'm wearing my mask chain, but I also don't look like a librarian or grandma. I'm happy to be somewhere, and someone, in between.

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