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I'll be lighting up the holidays with this festive LED face mask

Since I started wearing it, I've been turning heads everywhere.
Courtesy Katie Jackson
/ Source: TODAY

I'm no supermodel, but I have been turning a lot of heads lately. Actually, it's not me. It's my mask. And strangers don't just stare, they smile. That's the power of this fun LED light-up Christmas mask that I never knew I needed until recently.

It's brand-new

The reason you haven't seen this mask before is because it's brand-new. Since it debuted in October, it only has 10 reviews with a 3.7-star average rating. I don't think this means much since it's such a small sample size, but the lone one-star review mainly has to do with the fact the mask doesn't play music. I agree that it's misleading to have "music" in the product title and not play festive tunes. But, it doesn't need to! It gets enough attention just for the lights.

leaving my house in my light up mask
Katie Jackson / TODAY

It changes colors

The snowmen and Christmas tree designs are cute, but it's the LED lights that really make this mask. Its description says there are four different modes. However, I think there are at least seven modes. With the push of a button located on the side of the mask, I can cycle through different solid and flashing colors. I'm basically wearing a holiday light show on my face!

While the product description says the mask's lights can change with the sound of your voice, I don't know if that's entirely true. Sometimes mine doesn't respond to my voice, but I don't care. The button is extremely easy to push.

It's easy to charge

The mask comes with a USB cord for charging. The cord is super short, which is kind of annoying since I can only charge it from my laptop. However, it's not a deal breaker.

According to the product description, it takes about an hour to charge and a full charge lasts two to three hours. I usually charge mine for about 30 minutes and it works for three days. (Granted, I only wear it for about 45 minutes a day when I go into stores.)

using my Macbook to charge my light up Christmas mask
Katie Jackson / TODAY

It's sturdy and comfortable

I was worried this mask would feel heavy since it has a little battery pack in it, but it doesn't! It does, however, feel sturdy. (That said, it's not machine-washable since it has wires in it. I just spot clean mine, which seems to do the trick.)

It has an underwire of sorts, so it stays in place better than some flimsy fabric masks. It's also just as comfortable and provides more coverage since it's bigger in size. While its thickness provides some peace of mind, I still recommend this bamboo mask for traveling long distances and Athleta's masks for strenuous workouts.

profile view of my light up mask
Katie Jackson / TODAY

It's guaranteed to turn heads

The day my holiday face mask was delivered to my house, I was so excited I posted a video to my Instagram story. Within minutes, my phone was blowing up. The breeder I got my dog from messaged me asking where she could get one. My mom texted me wanting to place a bulk order for my hometown's festival of trees.

The best response came from a friend in Boston. He wrote, "Please tell me I'm not dreaming that." I told him he wasn't. To which he responded, "The innovation economy is alive and well. Thanks for bringing joy to my morning!"

I don't love attention, but I love wearing a mask that makes people smile.
Katie Jackson / TODAY

The response when I wear it out in public is even better. It turns heads, and 10 times out of 10, it makes people smile and/or laugh. Even when I can't see their mouths, I can tell they're smiling by the way their eyes light up. There's something special about holiday lights.

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