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Hosting for the holidays? 7 essentials for a stress-free celebration

Have these expert-selected picks on hand all season long.

Big gatherings and family-style meals are usually a staple of the holiday season. This year however, many people are skipping the large parties in favor of more intimate get-togethers.

No matter if you're hosting for two or 10 people, it's important to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your guests safe. That's why TODAY welcomed lifestyle expert Jenn Falik to share the essential items you'll need this season for any celebration.

From antimicrobial gloves to a sauce maker that will cut down your cooking time, here are seven products to consider.

Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier

Unlike other chunky humidifiers, this small, portable option will look great in any room. If you're using heaters, Falik recommends turning this on to keep your guests comfortable and prevent the air in the room from getting dry (which can lead to the dreaded dry cough).

DIY Mask Station

This DIY station provides a simple solution to a very modern problem. Store disposable masks in this station and place it right by the door, so anyone who needs one can easily grab it. After you get your organizer, use a label maker to designate each drawer. You can have one for "disposable masks" and others for each person in your family. Read Falik's complete how-to here. For a frugal, customizable option, this set of drawers from Amazon is perfect, and Falik says you can mix and match various stackable drawers and compartments as needed. For those who want to splurge on a more durable option, try this set from Etsy.

Lindsay Albanese The Wander Gloves

You are bound to be out and about more than usual when prepping to have people over, Falik says, which is why these gloves are a must-have. They're lightweight, UV protectant and antibacterial to minimize contact with germs wherever you go.

Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets

Since drink-sharing is off the table, many of your guests will likely be coming with their own reusable water bottle in tow. These handy tablets make cleaning them a breeze. They will remove stains and odors, no scrubbing required.

Skura Style Antimicrobial Sponges

Falik featured these sponges in the very first Better Basics and they still remain the gold standard, she says. As you use the sponge, the monogram will fade—when it's completely gone, it's time to grab a new one. They dry quick, which prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria.

Bread Scooper

As more people are experimenting with low-carb diets, you'll want to be as accommodating as possible. Scoop out the inside of bread or bagels and create extra room for your favorite spreads.

Betty Bossi Sauce Maker

Expedite the cooking process with this sauce maker. Just throw the ingredients for your mayonnaise, hollandaise, sauce tartare or béarnaise into this handy little gadget and they'll come together in record time.

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