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I found a breathable face mask that's comfortable enough to work out in

The bad news? I now have no excuse to not work out.
Woman wearing Athleta face mask sports bra and leggings
Katie Jackson / TODAY

In a perfect world, if I wanted to wear a mask while working out, I'd take up fencing. But we're all living in a pandemic. I haven't been working out as much lately, and my excuse has been that I haven't found a mask that would be breathable enough to use during a workout.

However, I recently stumbled across a face mask made with physical activity in mind. Would it help me get off the couch? It couldn't hurt. At the very least, it would definitely cover my mouth so I couldn't shovel more ice cream into it.

Athleta Made to Move Mask Three-Pack

Of course athleisure has a mask

Athleta Made to Move Mask
Katie Jackson

This mask is from Athleta, a brand that's become known for its exercise apparel and accessories that can also pass as everyday wear. The Made to Move masks are $25 for a 3-pack, which may sound expensive at first, but it's actually not too bad. I paid $14 for my beloved bamboo travel mask, so paying $8 per mask felt worth it considering it's made of the right fabric for fitness-related activities.

Made to move in

Athleta Made to Move Mask for yoga
Katie Jackson

Athleta gets literal with its mask names. Its Everyday Mask is made for everyday use. This mask, aptly named the "Made to Move" mask, is made to move in. The material is a mix of polyester and spandex — two of the most popular synthetic fabrics for athletic apparel. I was surprised to find that it's even more moisture-wicking than my go-to cotton face mask for casual wear. It also holds its shape better than cotton masks, which makes sense considering how easily a cotton T-shirt can wrinkle versus a workout tank top.

It fits well too

Athleta Made to Move Mask in pale purple
Katie Jackson

When I first started wearing masks back in March, all I thought I needed was a piece of fabric big enough to cover my mouth and nose. I didn't realize that the fit and feel would be just as important. What I like most about this mask is that it comes with a removable head strap that helps relieve the pressure off my ears. It also makes it more secure so it's not slipping and sliding around while I work out. The head strap is also interchangeable, so I can wear it three ways depending on which activity I'm doing and how I'm wearing my hair.

Athleta Made to Move Mask head piece
Katie Jackson

Size-wise, it only comes in one size (besides the kids' version of this mask), but it's "designed to fit a variety of shapes and sizes." I think I have an average-size face and an average shape, and it fits just fine. Plus, in addition to having an adjustable nose wire, it has adjustable ear loops so I can tighten or loosen them if needed. (I often take prednisone for my Crohn's disease and it makes my face swell like crazy.)

Finally, it has a more prominent "plastic boning" than my other masks. It may sound uncomfortable, but it's actually the contrary. This boning prevents the fabric from making contact with my mouth. In other words, I can breathe better!

Room for improvement

Athleta Made to Move Mask with ponytail
Katie Jackson

In a perfect world, this mask would have a five-star average rating. But currently, it has a 3.2-star average rating from nearly 400 reviews. I didn't read them all, but the most common complaint is that the nose piece isn't tight enough to prevent your glasses from fogging up. For that, I recommend trying Amazon's bestselling anti-fog glasses spray. I don't wear my glasses when I exercise, and I usually wear a ball cap instead of sunglasses, so this isn't a problem for me. My only complaint is I wish they came in more colors (I like the girls' version which comes in gray camo).

It works out for working out in

Athleta Made to Move Mask
Katie Jackson

This mask is by far the best mask I've found for working out in. Have I lost weight or put on muscle because of it? Probably not. But have I enjoyed exercising more? What a silly question!

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