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Goodbye, foggy glasses and smudged makeup! This mask bracket is worth the hype

It also helps me breathe easier.
Amazon, Katie Jackson / TODAY
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As long as it's helping save lives, I'll never complain about wearing a mask. Still, I do believe there are better masks out there and better ways to wear them. For example, for long flights I swear by this breathable bamboo travel mask. For working out, I use this Athleta mask made for movement. And for everyday use, I try not to leave home without my new newest mask-cessory: a face mask bracket that went viral thanks to a teacher's Facebook video.

My makeup stays on my face

I can't count the number of times I've applied my favorite MAC lipstick to my lips when I may as well have just applied it to my mask because that's where it ended up. Fortunately, I got this $9 pack of five face mask brackets. They're basically 3D silicone frames that hold my masks in place. At the same time, they hold my mask off my face. As a result, the fabric doesn't rub against the foundation, blush or lipstick I'm wearing. It's nice to know I can take off my mask on a dinner date and know I'm not taking off half of my made-up face with it.

I think it helps prevent maskne

wearing my face mask bracket in the locker room at hot yoga
Katie Jackson / TODAY

I don't exactly know why I've had more breakouts than usual since the pandemic started. It could be all the added stress. It could also be the fact that my skin can't breathe as well when it's covered by a mask. Whatever the reason, I love how this bracket holds my mask in place instead of my face holding my mask in place. The lightweight silicone frame is non-toxic and comes in contact with a fraction of the surface area that my mask would. As a result, my skin breathes better — especially after hot yoga when I'm super sweaty. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure it helps to prevent maskne.

I can breathe and talk so much better

the profile view of my mask with the bracket inside
Katie Jackson / TODAY

The best way to visualize how this mask bracket works it to think of a tent. If you have a tent but you don't have the poles, it's flat and there's not much room. The mask is basically the tent, and this bracket is basically the poles. The tent still protects the space inside, but there's much more space with the bracket. In fact, I'm able to breathe so much better with the fabric or paper off my face that my glasses no longer fog up when I'm wearing them with a mask. Talking is easier, too. I swear people understand me better.

The wear and care

The only downside of the bracket — and the reason I'd give it the 3.8-star average rating it has — is keeping it attached to my mask. The bracket has a clasp like a built-in paper clip on each side that I can tuck my mask's fabric into. However, the fabric doesn't always stay on for long. The product description and other reviewers recommend using double-sided tape or thread to attach the bracket to your mask. I haven't tried that yet, but I will if the bracket slipping down my face becomes too annoying. What I like about the bracket, however, is it's easy to clean. I just use a face wipe and I'm good to go.

I hope I don't have to be wearing masks for years to come. As long as I do, though, I'll be wearing one of these, too.

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