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6 gifts moms actually want — a cooling necklace, custom cutting board and more

The gifts she doesn’t even know about yet, but she’ll definitely love

Every Mother’s Day, the same old gift ideas float around. But does Mom really need another candle? And what’s more, does she even want one?

To help switch things up this year, Jenn Falik, lifestyle expert and creator of The Ultimate Edit newsletter, stopped by TODAY to share unique gifts that moms will really want this Mother’s Day.

Whether it’s an easy way to sift through the junk in their purse or a customized sweatshirt emblazoned with their mom status, these six gifts are almost as fun to give as they are to receive. (You’re totally forgiven if you end up buying some for yourself, too.)

Embroidered Mama Sweatshirt

Lots of people wear their hearts on their sleeves. This adorable, customized sweatshirt lets Mom wear her heart on her collar. Her kids’ names appear (plus the word “mama”) in her favorite color, hand embroidered onto the sweatshirt. It helps add a special touch to an everyday staple.

Hot Girls Pearls

This super clever jewelry is perfect for older moms going through menopause or new moms suffering from overheating. The pearls are made from the same gel typically found in ice packs. She can keep them in her freezer, then throw on the necklaces whenever she needs a discrete cool-down.

Best Friend Zip Pull

It’s about time someone invented this. This genius little contraption helps finagle those hard-to-reach zippers. Clip the “best friend” onto your toughest zipper, then zip up in a breeze — without having to contort or spin your clothing around your body. Finally.

Handbag Illuminator With Charging Power

Who among us hasn’t given up hunting for something buried in the depths of our handbags? This handy illuminator helps light up the darkest corners of even the deepest totes. And it also doubles as a cellphone charger when you’re running low on battery. There's also a version at The Grommet that only has a light if you don't need it to work double duty.

Custom Engraved Family Recipe Cutting Board

There’s no way she’ll forget the family's secret recipes with this personalized gift. This wood cutting board can be laser engraved with the handwriting of your most cherished recipes. Yes, it’s practical — but it also looks beautiful on any kitchen countertop.

W&P Porter Bowl

This may be the chicest way imaginable to store your leftovers. This ceramic bowl is perfect for taking dinner on the road as tomorrow’s lunch. Throw it in the microwave, then the dishwasher, for an easy and stylish way to eat. No more doggy bags.

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