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This affordable purse organizer is the perfect solution for a messy bag

One TODAY editor swears by the Amazon bestseller.
This purse organizer is under $30 on Amazon.
This purse organizer is under $30 on Amazon.TODAY

If you're a fan of large purses, you know there is nothing worse than searching for that tube of lipstick or pair of sunglasses that has fallen to the bottom of your bag. A task that should take a matter of seconds turns into minutes of fumbling around in a bottomless pit of your belongings.

One TODAY editor found the perfect solution to this problem — and it's less than $30! Amazon's Ztujo Purse Organizer is a current bestseller available in six different sizes and 12 colors.

Ztujo Purse Organizer Insert

"I carry a large tote bag every day, but there are no pockets so it was hard for me to stay organized," said Audience Development Coordinator Halle Proper. "I frequently found myself frustrated while searching for a lip balm at the bottom of the bag for minutes."

She said picking up this purse organizer was a no-brainer, especially once she read the rave reviews.

"I came across this purse organizer and was blown away by all of the positive Amazon reviews," Proper explained. "For less than $30, I now can easily find whatever I’m looking for without having to dig through my bag!"


Better yet, it's the perfect solution for switching between multiple bags because you can easily remove all your belongings at once.


Amazon customers seem to agree. It has over 8,000 perfect 5-star reviews so far and users praise the organizer's durable design and various pockets.

"The zipper glides smoothly and it has lots of storage spots that are good sizes," one reviewer wrote, noting the convenient center pouch.

Another added, "This organizer fits perfectly in my bag and it collapses when I don't want to use all the compartments."

So go ahead and grab that stylish bag you've been dreaming ofthis insert can make any purse a practical choice.

This story was originally published on Sept. 23, 2019.

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