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I invested in a motivational water bottle — and my skin has never looked better

The $24 bottle helps me stay hydrated.
Three images of sisters holding the Fidus Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle
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The year before I turned 30, I did what every panicked 29-year-old normally does — look up every anti-aging product and technique I could find on the internet. I came across the usual words of advice: get more sleep, take vitamins, add a retinol to your skin care routine. But as I continued to search, I found a much cheaper solution to treating the dark circles under my eyes and clearing up the adult acne that had started to flare up again — an extra-large water bottle.

I quickly learned that staying hydrated is an incredibly important — and incredibly easy — way to keep skin plump and glowing. Plus, with summer just around the corner, drinking water as the temperatures rise is a must. So, when I found this 64-ounce motivational water bottle on Amazon that could help me track my water intake, I didn’t hesitate to "add to cart."

Fidus Half-Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

I’m more motivated to stay hydrated

I never used to make drinking water a priority — as long as I got my morning coffee (and afternoon cup and maybe a third after that), I was all set for the day. Ever since adding this water bottle to my daily routine, I’ve been able to set reasonable hydration goals and actually stick to them. The bottle essentially does the work for me with two-hour time markers stamped along its side to let me know how much H2O I should be drinking throughout the day.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t speak to how much water you should be drinking a day (the internet has a lot of opinions on this), but I can say that the 64 ounces has been the perfect amount to keep my 120 pound, 5’3’’ body hydrated and happy. And when I say happy, I mean that literally. Fun words of encouragement like “Keep chugging” and “Don’t give up” are intermixed with the hourly reminders printed on the bottle.

I can take it with me anywhere

Carrying a full 64-ounce bottle takes some semi-heavy lifting, but its portable design makes lugging it around easier. It also comes with a removable straw and nozzle, so you can drink without lifting the bottle. While you can technically go without it, I consider the straw a necessity — when completely full, it’s much too heavy for me to sip like a traditional water bottle.

The only downside is this hefty water bottle doesn’t fit in a normal-size car cup holder, so you can usually find mine rolling around in the backseat. However, the flip-top lid, which is, by far, my favorite feature, keeps the lid secure and won’t let a single drop leak or any dirt or debris in. As for washing, I have yet to purchase a bristle cleaner long enough to effectively clean the straw, so I make sure to take my time when rinsing with soap and water.

I’m always getting compliments

Now, two years later, my 31-year-old complexion has never looked better, making the motivational water bottle one of my best purchases to date. In fact, it’s so good, I convinced my entire family to pick one up, too. Not that it was hard to do — once my sisters saw how much energy I had and how bright my skin started to look, it didn’t take long before they purchased one for themselves. To my surprise, I started to notice their friends and extended families carrying around the colorful water bottles, too.

Whether I’m running errands, getting a workout in at the gym or sitting at my work-from-home office, there’s no place I’ll go without it. And since I don’t trust myself to remember how much water I’ve had each day, I never will.

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