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8 award-winning green beauty items, from toothpaste pouches to waterless shampoo

Plus reusable and biodegradable beauty products that help keep the earth beautiful, too.

We all like to look good. But what’s even better is feeling good, too.

Everybody is aware of the environmental impact of the things they purchase every day. We know to recycle our plastics, bring tote bags to the store and to opt for reusable products. But when it comes to beauty, eco-friendly swaps are not as common.

To help us make better choices in our beauty routine, Elle has introduced its Green Beauty Awards. Out of hundreds of products from indie brands and major manufacturers, Elle has selected the game-changers of tomorrow. And Beauty Director Chloe Hall shared Elle's top picks for green beauty products with TODAY viewers.

Scroll through to discover eight products from toothbrushes to dry shampoo that will make your beauty routine more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable products

EcoTools Bioblender

Unlike other egg-shaped sponges, this blender will deteriorate in the compost (either in your home or at a community spot) within 180 days. Traditional sponges take 50 years. It’s made of five earth-friendly ingredients — all vegan.

Better Natured Color Care Deep Conditioning Balms

Conditioner doesn’t just disappear when it slides down the drain. This balm from Better Natured is 96% plant-based so it will break down in less than 100 days, keeping your pipes and the earth’s waterways clear. (Plus — it’s made with coconut, Tahitian palm and white orchid, so it smells amazing.)

Refillable products

Colgate Keep Manual Toothbrush

By using a toothbrush with a replaceable head, you’re using about 80% less plastic. Colgate’s new aluminum toothbrush is shaped like an infinity sign as an added reminder that you can use it forever. That gives you something to smile about.

Better & Better Fully Charged Toothpaste

It’s about time that someone changed the toothpaste game. Traditional tubes are not only a plastic nightmare — you can’t even get all the paste out. These pouches from Better & Better are easy to squeeze (down to the last drop) and use 45% less plastic than traditional tubes. Stick the pouch in one of the reusable dispensers for a very chic bathroom sink moment.

Dove 0% Aluminum Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant Refills

We love a DIY moment — even when it comes to deodorant. Dove has repackaged its classic deodorant into a refillable and reusable holder that you assemble yourself. By switching from traditional plastic to this new model, Dove is cutting back on 30 tons of virgin plastic waste this year.

Eco-innovative hair products

Love Beauty and Planet Dry Shampoo

Your typical can of dry shampoo emits greenhouse gases. Love Beauty and Planet is the first in the industry to use nitrogen aerosol in its cans. The aluminum package can be infinitely recycled, too. But all the environmental perks are just added bonuses on top of the shampoo’s lush scent and oil-absorbing power.

Crown Affair Dry Shampoo

Sidestep the traditional dry shampoo can route for this fun new product from Crown Affair. Tap the powder onto the nifty accompanying brush and paint it through your roots to give them volume and soak up your hair’s oils when you haven’t showered.

Everist Waterless Haircare Concentrates Starter Kit

Traditional shampoos and conditioners are more than 70% water. Everist has completely removed water from its formulas and created products that are three times more concentrated. To use these potent creams, squeeze some into your hands in the shower and rub to activate. Waterless formulas make packages lighter to ship and because they’re hyper-concentrated, you end up buying less. It’s a win-win for your wallet and for the environment.

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