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These reusable dishcloths changed how I clean my house — and they're only $8

They make cleaning the house a breeze.
/ Source: TODAY

From sustainable home decor to clean beauty products, everyone is talking about the many ways we can make our shopping habits more eco-friendly. I know there are a few areas in my life where I can afford to be a little more "green," so when I read about a reusable Swedish cleaning cloth that could replace wasteful paper towels and rags, I was immediately interested.

I didn't know what "Skoy" meant, but the brand's near-perfect overall rating on Amazon and $8 price tag spoke my language. I ordered a four-pack after using the last of my paper towels — and that may have been my last roll ever.

Skoy Eco-Friendly Swedish Dishcloth

Skoy Cloths are super sustainable

Skoy, spelled "skoj" in Swedish, means "just for fun." I don't know if I'll ever think of cleaning as fun, but it can be sustainable. Made of 70 percent wood pulp and 30 percent cotton, these cloths are also 100 percent biodegradable. According to the company's website, one cloth completely broke down in just five weeks during an independent composting test.

And unlike sponges — which these cloths can also replace — they're not treated with chemicals, according to the brand. The product is non-GMO, unbleached, chlorine free and only uses water-based inks.

These cloths may come in an array of colors, but I only care that they're all "green." I haven't conducted any experiments, but according to Skoy's claims, one cloth can replace more than 15 rolls of paper towels. Considering a 15-pack of paper towels can set me back about $20, and these cloths cost about $2 each, I'm potentially saving major money.

They're easy to clean with

Getting the Skoy Cloth wet
Katie Jackson

If a dishrag, sponge, scrubber and paper towel all had a baby, it would be this cloth. Regardless of what you use it to replace, it's super easy to use. According to the brand, each cloth can hold 15 times its own weight, making it a perfect replacement for soaking up spilled liquids. So, while it's not as big as a standard paper towel, it is much more absorbent and durable.

When I'm ready to wash some dishes, I simply add water and a drop of dish soap and start scrubbing. Microfiber towels are still the fastest drying towels I've found, but these cloths do dry quicker than the dishrags and sponges I've used.

They're also easy to clean

Cleaning a Skoy Cloth in the microwave
Katie Jackson

I'd never thought about cleaning a cloth in the microwave until I read Skoy Cloth's care instructions. Not only can I toss these in with a load of laundry, but I can also clean them in the microwave to kill bacteria and unpleasant odors. Of course, the instructions make it clear that you have to soak them in water first. (If you don't wet the cloth before putting it in the microwave, you could start a fire.)

Cleaning Skoy Cloths in the dishwasher
Katie Jackson

The instructions also say you can stick them in the dishwasher. I prefer to clean mine this way since I use them to wipe down my stove with dishwasher detergents that get rid of grease.

I'll never look back after using the Skoy Cloths, but when it comes to stepping up your eco-conscious cleaning routine even more, Amazon has plenty of top-rated products you can shop right now.

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I love the backstory

Few things sell me on a product like a feel-good backstory. Skoy was founded by two best friends, Michelle and Karen: Two stay-at-home moms in California who were fed up with paper towel consumption. So, they spent a year doing research and coming up with the perfect formula for Skoy Cloth.

While I can't say for a fact that I'll never buy another roll of paper towels, I can say that I'll think twice before adding them to my cart. Skoy Cloths may not make cleaning fun, per se, but they certainly make it more sensible.