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This bestselling hair remover works on everything — and it's on sale

The deal ends tonight, so you only have a few hours to grab it for 20% off.
Katie Jackson

It doesn't take a CSI team to figure out I have a pet. Between the dog hair covering my car seats, furniture and clothes, I could easily knit sweaters for my entire family.

I love my dog, Wilco, but he sheds a lot. And the universe must know about my dog hair problem because an ad for the ChomChom Roller appeared in my Instagram feed. I don't know if it was divine intervention or purely a coincidence — but I do know that I don't regret buying it — and if you catch it on sale today, you likely won't, either.

ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

It typically costs $25, but for a limited time, it's on deal today for less than $22. It's one of the pricier pet hair removers available (the cute limited-edition models will also cost you a few extra bucks) but it also Amazon's No. 1 bestseller in both cat and dog hair removal products. Plus, it doesn't require batteries, an electrical charge or any additional purchases for it to work.

ChomChom Roller Limited Edition Cat

ChomChom Roller Limited Edition Dog

It's not a lint roller

A close-up look at the ChomChom's brush with patented bristles that trap pet hair
Katie Jackson

Prior to trying the ChomChom Roller, I was a big fan of lint rollers — or I thought I was a big fan. Sure, they technically work, which is why they're one of the cleaning tools hotel housekeepers swear by. But it can also be frustrating to tear off the sticky sheets along the perforation, and it's certainly not economical to use them on a daily basis. I typically have to use at least four sheets to get just one pair of pants hair-free.

Instead of adhesive paper, the ChomChom uses a patented "premium quality brush" to trap pet hair.

Cleaning the compartment where the hair collects
Katie Jackson

The brush isn't abrasive, so I think it's the unique zig-zag pattern of the bristles that trap the hair. I read that the brush creates an electrostatic charge that lifts even the most stubborn, embedded hairs and draws them toward it like a magnet. The hair then goes into a back compartment which you empty with the push of a button.

Does the ChomChom Roller work?

My car seats, covered in dog hair
Katie Jackson

The first surface I tried my ChomChom on was the one that needed it most: my car seats. Before I got Wilco, they were black. Now, they're covered in so much dog hair that I sometimes think he's riding in the back seat even when I've left him at home.

Cleaning my car seats with the ChomChom
Katie Jackson

I was amazed at how well the hair removal tool worked in just one swipe. You just have to roll it back and forth in short strokes. It's so easy to figure out, I honestly don't know why it even comes with instructions. (Although it is worth noting that the instructions say not to "brush pets or humans directly.”)

Within three minutes, I'd probably removed three weeks' worth of Wilco hair. Better yet, it didn't involve an ounce of elbow grease or shouting a single four-letter word. I think the only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Wow!"

It traps more than pet hair

Before and after using the ChomChom roller on my black pants and camo sweats
Katie Jackson

The ChomChom may not be a lint roller, but it does pick up lint, tissue remnants and anything the trap in the dryer doesn't pick up. It works great on my favorite black slimming dress pants, which show everything, and my favorite sweatpants that are made of fleece and attract everything. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what they use backstage at Fashion Week.

Hair picked up by the ChomChom
Katie Jackson

I'll probably never need this backstage, but as long as I have a dog, I'll definitely need it for my back seat.