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Hate the cold? Keep warm with these stylish products — starting at $5

Here is how to beat the cold this winter.

If you live in a cold area during the heart of winter, you know that the one thing on everyone's mind is how to stay warm. From wrapping ourselves head to toe in layers to hugging warm cups of coffee or tea, warmth is key to enjoying this time of year.

Whether you crave the outdoors but don't want to feel the chill or simply want to snuggle up by the fire in comfy socks, there are warm products out there that can provide comfort.

To help you find not only warm but also stylish products, lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman stopped by the 3rd Hour of TODAY to share her personal picks.

Read on to shop alpaca socks, towel warmers, tea pots and more.

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Winter Hat

Designed for people who participate in outdoor activities during the winter, this beanie has a tight, stretchable fit that traps your natural heat. Inside there is also an electric battery that heats the hat with three settings, ranging from 130 degrees Fahrenheit to the lowest setting of 95 degrees.

FNDN Heated Hat

If you want to look stylish even while out in the cold, this heated beanie could be a great go-to. This heated hat is powered by a lightweight rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours on a full charge.

FNDN Heated Cable Knit Beanie

The cute pompom and heating capabilities make this hat perfect for winter. The small lightweight battery has three adjustable heat levels and can also work for up to six hours on a full charge.

Pacas Women's Crew Pacas Socks

Pacas sells soft socks for men, women and kids made from alpaca fur. The brand describes the socks as being as soft as cashmere and warmer than wool. The buttery feel of the socks makes them a great option to wear during the colder months. For each pair purchased, Pacas will also send a pair to one of their 13 children hospital partners.


Popmasks are self warming eye masks that refresh and relax you all at once. The heat is designed to focus on the pressure points around your eyes, the effect lasting about 20 minutes. There are multiple masks available including Calm, which is infused with chamomile, Sleepover, which has the scent of rose, and Jetsetter with jasmine.

Haven Towel Warmer

Say goodbye to feeling cold when drying off with this towel warmer. Large enough to fit two large bath towels, this warmer will have both towels ready and heated in 15 minutes.

Ember Mug 2

This temperature controlled mug will make it so you never take a cold sip of coffee again. This smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your drink can stay consistent based on how hot you like it.

Magic Hour Ruby Moon Hibiscus Elderberry Tea

This hibiscus elderberry tea is crafted to boost the immune system, help with heart health and taste delicious. Magic Hour sources all of their tea from organic and biodynamic gardens and as a company they strive to share the wellness that tea can bring with others. A wide variety of teas are available and can be chosen and searched for based on your wellness desires and needs, which can include beauty, energy, focus, immunity, mood balance, sleep and more.

Tea flavors such as Solstice Moon, Citrine Cleanse and Almond Matcha Green Tea are great for brewing colorful and vibrant drinks. Some of their other teas include Mantra Mint Herbal Tea, Goddess Green Tea, and Gypsy Rose Black Tea.

Magic Hour Brass Tea Spoon

If you want to upgrade your tea making experience, this brass tea spoon can be used to add sugar to drinks and measure out tea leaves in style.

Magic Hour Essential Perfection Tea Pot With Built-In Strainer

Made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass, this tea pot is both durable and elegant, says the brand. This glass pot can steep two to three cups of tea and make the clean-up process smooth and easy. The clear design is great for watching the steeping process as well.

Magic Hour Kinto Double-Walled Iced Tea Glass

These ice tea glasses can hold 350 milliliters of water and are great for showing off the colors of your tea. The double-walled design also helps keep drinks cool for longer.

Magic Hour Simple Steep Tea Strainer

If you are a loose leaf tea lover, this golden strainer for steeping is a must-have. The small size is also great to throw in your purse and take on the go.

Magic Hour Double-Walled Ceremony Tea Cups

Perfect for sipping, this 2-ounce cup is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass. The double-wall allows the outside to stay cool while keeping your tea nice and warm.

Magic Hour Lotus Mind The Crown Chakra Tea

Made from rare white tea buds called Silver Moon that are hand harvested, the brand describes this Lotus Mind tea as ephemeral and transcendent. Within the Chakra collection are teas such as Epiphany, Happy Heart, Salutation, Joyous, Audacious and more, each with their own unique flavors, ingredients and properties. Other teas that come in the violet glass apothecary jars are Bohemian Breakfast and Child’s Pose.

Wildwonder Variety Pack

Wildwonder drinks are packed with both prebiotics and probiotics, which promote gut health. Goodman likes to use the Ginger Lemon flavor to create a non-alcoholic toddy, which is a warm drink she serves with cinnamon sticks.

Frisco Boulder Plaid Insulated Dog & Cat Puffer Coat

This self-heated insulated jacket is great for keeping your furry friends stylish and warm this winter. This lightweight pet puffer coat also has a soft fleece lining and a water-resistant exterior.

Frisco Portland Insulated Dog & Cat Parka

Protect your pet from the cold with this cute pet parka. This jacket is designed with plush lining and a detachable faux fur hood. The mid-rise collar also offers added protection while outside in the cold.

Frisco Ombre Dog & Cat Puffer Coat

Your furry friend will be prepared for any winter adventure in this ombre puffer coat. The water-resistant shell is great for light rain or snow and the fleece lining keeps in warmth.

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